Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, or still Brian Austin Green?

Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, or still Brian Austin Green?

Did Megan Fox just go on her ultimate dream date?

zac efron

zac efron

The 23 year old Fox is rumored to have recently shared an intimate dinner with Zac Efron last Tuesday night at Pace, an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles.

A fellow diner revealed, “They were very friendly and their faces were close when they talked.”

It’s no secret that the Transformers 2 actress has had a thing for the 21 year old High School Musical heartthrob for quite some time, the two flirted at the Golden Globe Awards, raising eyebrows at an after-party.

Was this just a dinner between two friends? Or something more complicated?

It could be much trickier for him than for her.

robert pattinson

robert pattinson

Megan, for one, insists that she’s absolutely unattached, while rumors continue to swirl that the undeniably sexy actress is dating co star Shia LaBeouf, Robert Pattinson, or possibly still together with ex-fiance Brian Austin Green.

brian austin green

brian austin green

Zac, on the other hand, is pretty serious with long-time girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

Whomever it may be that turns out to be the super hottie’s new boyfriend, Megan Fox makes her boyfriends get a tattoo of her face. The “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” star loves body art, and insists prospective lovers have an inking before she will consider getting serious with them.

The 23-year-old said: “I have eight tattoos. All my boyfriends are required to have one and if they don’t have one yet, I make them get a tattoo of my name or my face.”



Megan Fox says:

I love Matqssive so much. He is just my dream guy

DCSk8ter says:

pick shia labeouf cause u 2 r perfect together 🙂

pedro says:

she is hot megan fox anyway she should date me

Zac Efron says:

How could you think anyone is better than me, i’m the best. Also I do like Megan.

ryan says:

baby u hot

Andrew says:

I Love Megan Fox!!! xD And her dream date will be me if she gave me the chance 🙁

fox 4 ever says:

she’s very sexy i love her very much but i want to kill her because she’s green’s girlfriend

crazyleggs212 says:

WOW! dont date that faggot zac efron! go out with freakin’ me!!! or Shia! or will smith…..and maybe Jon stewart! 😛

josh says:

now i am joking date shia !!

josh says:

she must date me !!

islander 14 says:

megan fox is beautiful whoever is her bf is the luckiest guy ever

Christina says:

i mean did you write

a fan says:

Ican tatoo her all over my body if it makes her happy

JIN HU says:

I’m korean and highschool student.
So I can’t write English well.. Ah.. I envy you. Because you can write English and
you can take part in that opinion.
Rain is world star. good!
And wondergilrs are korean too.
I’m very proud.

tony ~^_^ says:

date shia !

Andrea says:

Forget them all!!!! I will tattoo you all over my body…I will start with the most recent photo of you in the red dress with those long legs, gorgeous buttock and irresistable nipples. I will write forever meagan fox…the #1 of my life!!!!! Keep smiling and let me help you do that…I will make you laugh, moan, scream, etc, etc…I want your hot body and silky long hair next to me all day and night. You drive me crazy…Keep smiling goddess!!!! Call me when you want to experience life!!!

Haris.s says:

I am a boy from germany,(i can not so gut englisch but pleas red this pleas) , der irgendwo in einer stadt namens mannheim lebt, und unbedingt ein schauspieler werden will. sie fragen sich bestimt wieso, ganz einfach aus dem grund weil ich einen traum hate ja einen traum in dem ich dafon träumte mich in sie verliebt zu haben, und wie meist bei jedem traum waht man dan irgendwan auf und ales ist wieder ganz normal, hmmm so langweilich und man lebt sein leben ganz normal weiter……..,.
Aber dieser Traum war anderst, ich träumte nicht ich lebte diesen traum und als ich plötzlich wah war konnte ich es nich glauben das es nur ein traum gewesen ist, mag vieleicht ales blöd oder geischleimt oder wie auch immer rüberkommen aber ich hofe und ich Bete drum das diese nachricht sie erreicht auf irgend einen weg , den es ist schwer an eine person nicht zu denken deren bilder man jeden tag im kopf hat. Und fals ich es irgendwan schafen solte was zu ereichen dan danke ich dem almächtigen dafür das ich diesen traum hate über sie megan fox hate . Ps: Im Traum Hate ich dich im arm und du sagtest zu mir, pleas never forget my but wen you forget my forget my forever.
i can not so got englisch but when you read dies roman hm hm hm pleas pleas cal my. ich will nur das dises inere gefühl in mir erfüllt wird. Die e-mail adrese habe ich schon seit jahren wundern sie sich nicht wen sie so kindich und albern ist hehehe. I am not wont love im not wont be a freund wen you not like this but i wont say you ( THANK YOU MEGAN FOX YOU, ARE A LADY WITH A BIG HEARTH ) this is my number (017625761380) pleas give my a chance to say thank´s . When you not wont thake my number pleas than give my your e-mail . Damit ich nur wenigstens einmal mit ihnen live reden oder chaten can. I am not crazy when my hearth thakes to my a beutiful dream…

raasha.s. says:

no way i h8 zefron i hope she’s with shia he is soooo cute but not cuter than r-pattz

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Fox love says:

Yea date Shia!!!^^

lool says:

Date shia ^^

tony ~^_^ says:

forget all three of them and date shia ^_^

tony ~^_^ says:

when i has in high school i played basket ball these koreans all talked about Rain and i was like there no Rain until 2007 i knew it was a Singer …….

demond says:

I would luv to be a friend of your ms.Megan fox


I’am sorry, but i LOVE you!!!

Hero says:

Always be loved**

Hero says:

Seems good anyone but not zac thu i dont like him imo she should date me 😀
Althought she’s A beautiful person but am not sure how good her attitude in irl would be 😀 as Dowaihi once said ” A beauty lives in her eyes but yet there’s a saddness, a girl that will always be love a girl that fallen sleepless, is that what she feels inside is that how she acts a side”


HANA says:

d guy sam is called shia………jeez ppl dont u remember even stevens???

Duran says:

I think none of them are good enough which includes Brian, Zac, and Rob…and that Megan and Shia should go out!!

Bersaas says:

hmm , i cant judge them. All of them seems to be nice guys, and I am sure that Megan will choose the right one.

i says:

no she should date me Forget all three of them ^_^

cody says:

i think you sould date the guy Sam from transformers h is really nice and cool.

cody says:

who do love more Zac Eferon or the guy Sam from transformers.

Michael A. says:

I´m so jealous on this guy 🙁

Michael A. says:

ohhhh my GOD unbelievable , ZACK ?!?!? he looks like a 13 years old teenager man ….. unbelievable .

dmasters says:

shia is better for her or me lol

Matteo says:

I love Naples.

Miguel Huelma says:

when I’m older I’ll get a tattoo of your name then can you be my girlfriend

clay says:


clay says:

Who the hell if rain?

Sung-Hyun says:

How about the Rain?

I think she likes Rain.

But he rejected her.

OMG! I lived close with Rain in Korea.


i find zac better than rob or brain,

megan,take zac 😉


Anthony Porath says:

I hope it’s not Zac or Rob. They seem like nice dudes but she likes a private life, which those two don’t have whats so ever

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