Transformers 2 revenge of the fallen superbowl commercial

Transformers 2 revenge of the fallen superbowl commercial

transformers 2 trailer megan fox

transformers 2 trailer megan fox

The cost of Super Bowl commercials this year is $3 million for 30 seconds. Despite the faltering economy, NBC sold all 67 spots for a record $206 million in Super Bowl revenues. For those who use the commercials for a bathroom or snack break, fear not. All the superbowl ads are airing later tonight on several Web sites, including, and here is the Transformers 2 trailer superbowl commercial.

Check out the Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming sequel of “Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen”, staring actress Megan Fox along with part 1 stars Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and more. The film is scheduled to be in theaters on June 26, 2009. The transformers 2 trailer that will be part of the 2009 superbowl commercials, looks interesting and action packed as expected. This transformers 2 teaser gives us a lot to look forward to in seeing Megan Fox playing a scared character once again. The superbowl commercials 2009 should be intersting to watch. Which one was your favorite?

transformers trailer megan fox

transformers trailer megan fox



boonie fletcher says:

i think megan fox is the hottest girl in the world.

ryan says:

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CHA says:

hi megan i’m only a kid(aged 8) but i totally think you are hot. I’d really like to meet you and get your autograph but i don’t think i ever will because i live in kilkenny that’. If you want to come and visit Ireland my Dad say’s you can stay with us.e-mail me please .chaxxxxxoooo

Realism says:

all of you know that megan probably doesn’t even know this website theres no point trying to talking to her…she also doesn’t have facebook, twitter or myspace!!!

J-Daddy says:

Hey megs if i seen u in life i’d do anything (ANYTHING) 2 get ur # . round here where i’m from we think u the sexiest woman known to mankind!!!!!!!!!!!!! call 903- 238 -3695

C. Thompson says:

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oh and by the way ….
Great work In Transformers 2…

Nick says:


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sjfsjfsj says:

megan you’re hot 🙂

Micah says:

Hi Megan,
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Samuel Fuentes says:

Hello Megan!!! I just want to tell u that I have a son and he is six, I took him to watch transformer the movie and he was really exited, but what was realy funny is that as soon as he saw u in the movie he had the biggest smile ever, so I asked him why are u smailing so much and he said that u were/are a really beautiful girl.

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