The changing face of Megan Fox over the last 10 years!

The changing face of Megan Fox over the last 10 years!

Well known for her role in the 2007 film Transformers and for generally being an all-round bad-ass chick, here is the evolution of Megan Fox’s face over the last ten years!

When you think of Megan Fox what do you think of? Big, long lush brunette locks, piercing blue eyes, gorgeous skin, Transformers’ actress…

Aside from being named one of the worst actresses by The Razzies, we’ve decided to take a look back at Megan’s ever-changing face and how it appears she has had cosmetic enhancement over the years.

A top New York plastic surgeon told RadarOnline: “Megan appears to have had some cosmetic procedures to her face. While she has probably not had anything major, I suspect that she has had a nose refinement and some facial fillers.”

Dr. Matthew Schulman added: “In older photos, her nose appears wider and her nasal tip has a noticeable cleft. More recent photos show a more refined and narrow nose, as well as a smoother nasal tip.”

The Park Avenue doctor also thinks the mother-of-two might have used fillers as well and continued: “Her lips are more full and her cheekbones are higher.

“Likely the result of Restylane or Juvaderm.”

HOWEVER! And it’s a big HOWEVER. Despite the NY doctor assuming Megan has had botox and/or fillers, the 28-year-old hit back at the rumours with a Facebook album she posted, entitled, ‘Things You Can’t Do with Your Face when You Have Botox’.

Megan posted a series of pictures in the album of herself posing in different selfie positions and scrunching up her face in different ways, which evidentally you can’t do if you have botox.

Anywho…here’s her other many faces over the years which may change your mind.



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