Stephen Amell May Not Play Megan Fox Love Interest In ‘TMNT’ Sequel

Stephen Amell May Not Play Megan Fox Love Interest In ‘TMNT’ Sequel

Megan Fox may not be returning for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sequel, meaning that Stephen Amell may not play her love interest after all. The Arrow actor was confirmed as taking on the role of Casey Jones in the upcoming sequel, the love interest for the character April.

Many fans of the hit CW show have rejoiced over the idea of Amell taking the role opposite Megan’s character. He has certainly proven his acting ability playing the many sides to Oliver Queen. However, the idea of him and Fox on the screen together had some people uncertain. Would there be enough chemistry between them, considering Megan’s character in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot?

Franchise Herald reports that Megan may be replaced in the sequel with Alessandra Amrosio. While she may be a model, the publication shared a report from The Hollywood Reporter that said she would be joining the cast. Some reports say that she will play herself in the sequel, rather than playing the role of April.

At the same time, JJ Redick has confirmed that he will have a role in the movie, along with a number of other L.A Clippers players and some of the Knicks players. He quickly realized that he should not have shared the information, but it was too late to take it all back. He also revealed the name of the sequel, Half Shell.

The confirmation of Amell joining as the love interest for Megan Fox came this week. E! Online reports that he will not change his role much from the one he plays in Arrow. He will still be a vigilante, but will wear a hockey mask rather than the green hood and eye mask. In 1990, Elias Koteas played the role. Amell quickly took to Twitter at the time of the announcement to ask people to find him a hockey mask. Casey Jones is a talkative, cocky character, again very much like Amell’s character in Arrow, so fans may see a lot of similarities on the screen. Hopefully, it will not be too difficult to take him out of Starling City and place him into the world of the turtles.

E! Online goes on to confirm that Fox is reprising her role as April O’Neil, despite the Franchise Herald report. She will also be joined by Will Arnett, who played cameraman Vernon Fenwick in the 2014 reboot. Michael Bay is also returning as producer, who worked with Megan Fox in the Transformers franchise.



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