The Real Skinny on Jennifer’s Body

The Real Skinny on Jennifer’s Body

megan fox schoolgirl

megan fox schoolgirl

After finally being able to see the movie, I can’t say that I agree with the critics. The movie kept me engaged throughout, and also included specific things about the film that I liked, besides seeing Megan Fox naked (which by the way, there’s no gratuitous female nudity in the film). Jennifer’s Body is a horror film with a twist, most horror films involve an innocent female character getting stalked, raped, tortured or brutally murdered by a psychotic or sociopathic male. Director Karyn Kusama does a great job in presenting Megan Fox as physically attractive and unattainable without gratuitously sexualizing the actress in the way Michael Bay has with the Transformers flicks.

I am not sure if i connected with the ideas about female relationships underneath the surface of the story, but I am sure that females did. I did note that there was also a lot about the nature of female friendships. Jennifer is one of those insecure pretty girls who attaches herself to a less-attractive “best friend” so that she’ll look even better by contrast. She’s the kind of friend who subverts and subtly undermines her BFF, then tries to make it appear as though her friend is the one imagining or over-exaggerating slights or offenses. The much talked about girl-on-girl kiss between Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried is about the sexual tension that often exists in female friendships, particularly in adolescence, not the hot sexual scene that many male movie goers expected, or looked forward to.

I actually liked Megan Fox’s performance in this film. Don’t get me wrong, in the Transformers films she’s been little more than eye candy, which isn’t a bad thing, but in Jennifer’s Body, she actually does give a credible and pretty smart performance.

In interviews, Fox has alluded to being aware that she’s perceived primarily as a sex object, and has said that she wants to avoid that over-exposure; perhaps that’s partly what led her to take the role of Jennifer, which required her to be a little fun and campy, and to give a performance that didn’t just rely on her physical assets.

Cody’s particular ear for dialogue may annoy the hell out of you, but she’s right that teens, like the rest of us, stratify ourselves socially in part by use of language. Teenagers are solipsistic and therefore are certain that any adults in their vicinity have little else to do besides listen in on the fascinating conversations they’re having, therefore they must talk in teenspeak.

Is Jennifer’s Body a true horror movie? Not in my opinion.

Is Megan Fox finally given the chance to prove that she’s not just another pretty face? I believe that she played the role well, but look forward to seeing her hone and define her skills in different roles and characters.

On an ending note, I’d like to address the fact that I have read many reviews of this film, and in each one, the review was referenced, however after visiting the page, I realized that only 116 people (of the 1.5 Million people that paid to see the movie) had rated it to give it the current 42% rating. If you actually enjoyed the movie, or don’t feel that it is getting a correct review feel free to express your opinion below, or even visit RottenTomatoes to give it an acurrate review.



Wang Li Ming (王黎明) says:

Dear Megan : I love you forever!!!

Heather says:

To all Readers and Megan,

Basically I’m just typing to put forward a few choice views and many people’s opinions so this may be a little different twist as to what your used to hear.

First of all my name is Heather and I am 19 years old and I work as a business adminstrator at a college I’m more of a half-fan with a few doubts and questions to the public which I hope is read and brought to attention.

Megan fox? Super person or just person? Lets face it, all she is just a person with one entitlement of “fame” being a slight difference in comparison with us. I’ve read constant comments with phrases such as “hot”, “stunning”, “amazing”. but most of those words are an understatement, a “true” beauty is a natural beauty like Amanda Seyfried now she is a person to respect and idolize if necessary.

The people to admire are those that have to work every hour that god sends those are the people to admire. All your going to do is bulk up her ego saying such misused compliments, I will admit a few are realistic but most of them are exaggerations and as sad as today is.. we all know that obscene pictures of naked women actually sell because there are both male and female perverts out there willing to buy the merchandise and newsagents and newsreporters are willing to market it to make money.

Celebrities are none other than people like you and me, those who do good deads in the daytime having the feeling of accomplishment not for being born into a rich heritage (paris hilton) or judgement on beauty or even a luxury career that just might get lucky which is wrongly brought into the public eye, no. A business person who begins a small company from scratch, investing money into their property every month and which will soon expand over the years with their shareholders, staff and loyal customers those people are today’s celebritites.

Most importantly however are those who volunteer to donate, someone who owns a large investment of money for example and volunteers to send half to a poor country facing drout or to pay for simple nescessities that we take for granted every day or even donating to an animal shelter just so they can face another day with hopefulness in their eyes to find an owner to look after them, those are today’s celebrities.

I’m not arguing against movies or anything because if it wasn’t for actors and actresses there would be no movies and for many years they have entertained me but the local radio channel is just as good. I’m just outlining the meaning of a “true celebrity” nothing more..and I just hope at least a few of you haven’t forgotton who you are, were there are few of them..there are many of us.

Thank you,

jace says:

Me and you have one thing in common we both like scream

jace says:

I am the hugest fan please wright back

jace says:

I really want to see you because you are sooooohoooooooooooooooootttttt!!!!

jace says:

Hi I am 9 yearsold and I want to see the movie but I cant

sisco says:

Can i take or have a picture of you? i want santa to know exactly what i want for christmas!

Esk All Day says:

Your amazing. Soooooooooooooooo Hot!

adams says:

Once I watch your movie and somehow makes me want to watch again over and over again. I think that’s because of are so talented person. I adore you. Regars from indonesia.

DARANY says:

Megan you are so so EXOTICLY -GEOURGEOS. You are the most beautiful and Sexy Woman I ever seen be4.


I just wached the movie because of you, I didn’t really like Jennifer’s Body. But your beauty really worths it!
I hope you make better movies in a future. I think you got a really good potential.

Tyler Stiles says:



WOW you’re hot!!!

Love you!!

christian hubble says:

hi megan im like a huge friend new on your website but i pretty sure this will be the only way to talk to you so here it goes im 12 years old and i live in TN i hope and pray that i will get to meet you and i was wondering if you would ever have autograph signing here or maby evan come down here i know this sunds like im falling all over you but im not so let me know on your anwser ohh and my number is (731)-377-1970 please write back

Vikki says:

Megan is amzingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee Garcia says:

Sorry my number is (915)-274-0302

Ashlee Garcia says:

Hey this is your #1 fan! All I wanted to say is thank you for being the most beautiful woman on earth! I most certainly admire you! You are my role model! Every day I always find a way to think about you! Your such a wonderful beautiful actress you are such a good actor! I can say that I wish I looked like you because you are a 100% perfect! I would do anything to see you before I die! Your like the new Marilyn Monroe! I just recently talked to shia laboef and oh my gosh he does love his fans and he is so loving and caring! You guys do make a good couple but I guess you don’t see that! Any ways call me or text me whenever you can my number is (915


hellooooo megan

Paola says:

i saw the movie like a week ago and as much as i love megan fox i have to keep it real….the movie realy sucked. The script was horrible. it had alot of annoying and occuard moments on alot of the scarry scenes wich took away from the intensity. There was one perticular scene where jennifer got stabbed and was bleeding to death and she just came out of no where and said “Do u have a pad?” its just rediculous how the script was made. But theres no doubt that megan fox can act. Love u megan but ur movie sucked =/

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

I’m not from mexico

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

why you have problems whit me

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

i love you

m3gan2 says:

hi megan!!!!!
I must tell you
you are my idol 😛
‘re the best!
I love you
you are the most beautiful of the world
and also I confess I want to be like you
hehehe do not worry many people say that we seem
and I like that haha
I love you megan
I am m3gan2 … kisses … mua!

cerina says:

magan fox did a good job i loved the movie. Critics are stupid

Christian Yepes del Poser cant spell says:



super sexy true

Megan Fox says:

Ok so i heard Panic! at the Disco songs were in it wat songs? and i heard the movie ISN’T good but she’s SUPER SEXY in it. True or False

sumit malik says:

just 2 words for ya, sexy babe

sidney says:

omg jennifers body was great. i give it 7 stars. and in the pic above, that was in the green day trailer. but still, i really liked that movie. i could watch it over and over again and not get bored. and megan did some pretty good acting too. 😀

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

you are sow beutifull and very sexy

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

wuaw you are very beutifull in this photo you are increible

cintia says:

it is not it is one of the best i have ever seen dont believe the critics it is an awesome movie……………..awesome i tel you go see it i think you will like it

Rick Boyer says:

I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

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