Megan Fox’s Sons Bodhi and Noah Shared in Adorable New Pictures on Ellen Show

Megan Fox’s Sons Bodhi and Noah Shared in Adorable New Pictures on Ellen Show

See adorable baby pictures of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s sons, Noah and newborn Bodhi! Megan Fox talks kids, says ‘Ellen’ is ‘fertility good luck charm’.

Turtle-y cute! Proud mom Megan Fox shared—for the first time ever—pictures of her baby sons Noah, 19 months, and Bodhi, 2 months, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, April 5.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star, 27, looking tan and gorgeous during her sit-down chat with DeGeneres, gushed over her precious kids as images of the boys flashed across the screen. “Yeah!!!” Fox yelped as her baby boys’ images appeared. “Bodhi is the little chubby one and then Noah is the one with the lips.”

Megan Fox showed off some snapshots of her two sons on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday and complimented the host on her associative virility.

Confused? Well, the actress, who welcomed her second son with husband Brian Austin Green in February, told the host that whenever she appears on the show, she ends up having some baby-related news to share.

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“The first time I was here, I was pregnant and no one knew it,” the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” star said. “And then the second time, I just had my baby, but I got pregnant. So you’re like a fertility good luck charm. If you want to get pregnant, come see Ellen.”

“My show is an aphrodisiac,” DeGeneres quipped.

Which raises the question: Is she already thinking about baby No. 3? We’re not sure, though we wouldn’t be totally shocked.

Fox and husband Brian Austin Green welcomed their second child, Bodhi, back in February.
“No wonder you just keep having children,” DeGeneres remarked as she marveled over the pics. “Beautiful kids.” (Fox and Green did not release any images of their son Noah after he was born in September 2012, though she still described his physical attributes in a December 2012 interview with DeGeneres. “He looks, I would say, 70 percent like Brian,” the first-time mom told DeGeneres then.)

Fox’s sons, Noah and Bodhi (or as she identifies them: “the one with the lips” and “the little chubby one,” respectively), are only 16 months apart, and neither pregnancy was planned, she said.

“We can’t let Brian near me anymore,” she joked, ” ’cause every time … ”

OK, you’re hot. We get it.

The comely couple wed back in June 2010, and the 27-year-old beauty explained that the second pregnancy came at a busy time for her.

“I got pregnant with Bodhi two weeks into filming ‘Ninja Turtles,’ ” she said. Starring in the live-action film required a lot of running and jumping, which didn’t help too much with her morning sickness.



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