Megan Fox

Megan Fox

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An old Megan Fox Video Shoot



Angela says:

im 15 years old and i really gonna marry you one day Megan!!! you’re so beautiful..!! :))

gradius says:

you r the sexiest woman i’ve ever seen….i love you megan

Blas says:

megan i lost my cell phone number can you give my yours

Blas says:

megan you are so beautiful

igus says:

hi megan u r so hot that i cant believe it please give m your e mail and write me

joshua says:

im 12, and i think your the hottest chick in the hole world. please email me i love you

Mario 101 says:

You are the HOTEST thing I’v ever seen!

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

pleas go to my facebook and hotmail i love you

melody says:

ok megan you are wonderful. but I need to know …. passion makes you reach your goal as you got your career.

john says:

Megan you are the best!

Ashley says:

Mega Fox is a sexy lady!…

jose says:

U R proof God makes beautiful people!!! simply WOW!!!

NIHAT says:


mukesh sharma says:

i love megan fox bcause i love megan fox

Zachary And Arther says:

Megan You Are Right Now The Most Beutiful Girl In Hollywood You Have A Beutiful Eyes.legs,body and yet a sexy woman.I Can`t Wait For Jennifers Body She HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephenboyle says:

try too keep in touch with me

eric barnes says:

megan you are truly the hottest woman in the world. keep up the good work and i’ll be right there with you i love you keep in touch sweetheart love ya girl

Aarys.. says:

^ thats just creepy…

Antron Fogg says:

Megan Fox you’re my sweetheart and my honey bun with icing. I LOVE YOU! GET BAC AT ME MEG BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE UNIQUE LADY. PLEASE BE MINE OK.

Antron Fogg says:

Megan Fox let be apart of your website Meg because you are so gorgeous and talented at what you do. Pretty eyes and legs.

Antron Fogg says:

Megan Fox you look so good in lingerie! I wish that we were together Megan Fox because their is no other girl like you sweetheart . I love you Meg because you are real and tough minded. Take care my love!

Antron Fogg says:

Megan Fox keep touching all your fans and always keep love inside your heart for all your fans and family too. And Megan I love you like no other fan because I care about your success in making movies and keeping up with the real Megan Fox. Love ya! My number one girl forever mine.

Antron Fogg says:

Meg you’re a special girl to me because you have a intelleigent smile and so friendly to your fans all year long. Megan Fox I really want you to leave an comment on this website for me Meg because you are the greatest young actor that I have ever seen before. Love ya! And always put Jesus Christ first in your life. And remember you’re my number one!

Antron Fogg says:

Meg you’re the greatst young actor that I have ever seen because you take action to another level. Megan take time to read my comments to you because you are so hot and sexy. Please respond to me Meg! I really want to be your number one fanmail person of the year. Love ya Meg! I really want to be with you one day.

Antron Fogg says:

Megan keep up the good work and stay in touch with me Meg because you are an great actor in transformers. I wish that we were together Meg so we can go to red carpet events together. I want a kiss form you Meg.

Antron Fogg says:

Megan Fox I want to be your number one fan forever because you are like cinderella to me. So fine and beautiful.You’re my number one female of the year.

Antron Fogg says:

Megan Fox you’re th hottest most popular girl that I have ever seen sexy mama! Good luck in making movies Meg! I love you my dream girl.

hisam says:

megan done her job in transformers2

mitchell desire says:

hotest babe in the world

christian barnard says:

can i have your cell phone number i”m not going 2 txt u or anything i just want to show my friends. send your phone number to my email address or my cell number 338-3121 thanks bye

sidney says:


sidney says:

who doesnt wanna be an actress.. i meen i wanna be an actress but it doesnt mean i can meet her. i might get a chance… and by the way shia labouef real. we all know your not real. 😉

Raj says:

hey megan you are the most beautiful woman i have ever see, you are so sexy man !!!
and loved you in transformers and wanna see ya mora and more and more !

dylan says:

you are one hot women

Bersaas says:

Megan Denise Fox is my dream girl. She is so beautiful, and she got the worlds most gorgouse eyes. Her smile makes me smile too, and it warmes me up 🙂

clay says:

anyways Megan your so Hott!! I would become an actor just to meet you.

clay says:

ShiaLabeouf-Real we all know your not real. If you were real you wouldn’t be on this website lol

ShiaLabeouf-Real says:

most of you know that this is megans UNofficial page.. megans probably going to make an official page soon…
keep in touch

Shia Labeouf-REAL

Nikita says:

Dear Megan,
My name is Nik)
I from Russia)
I can’t good speak English)
You beautiful Girl
Your lips…mmm
Your Smile just fine)
I can’t to see you(
Wright me if you can)
my e-mail –

Robbie says:

Ahoj/Hello Megan,
my name is Robbie and Iam from the Czech Republic.See you sometimes on the Czech Republic such as on fashion show?Thank you

Have a good time…..Robbie

Rich says:


you good,please drive a pen privat e-mail address

tonny says:

hii !!!!! MEGAN my name is tonny I hope can you see that comment well
you are soooo000 ( beatifull,sexy,unbelievable,)

REALLY I want to know you and be your friend.
take care you sweet love…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

MEXICO (guadalajara) MF Y AC

David Chutlashvili says:

In most Hollywood actresses are not better than Megan Fox. It is so!

Seth says:

Agreed with Alex N Garrett on this one

Amisha says:

I looooooove Megan!!!!

Alex says:

Do not think Megan watching everything you write, and I think it is just something that her friends, or type them as she know did and Megan never check. But still, I think she’s finding most girl!

Garrett says:


gabe says:

ummm baby you are very sexy

Ramon says:

Hello world!

Here i am, to enjoy the worlds of Megan Fox…

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