Megan Fox New York Times Magazine Video Interview

Megan Fox New York Times Magazine Video Interview

Megan Fox New York Times Magazine Video Interview and Pictures

megan fox nightie

megan fox nightie

The Self Manufacture of Megan Fox

Lynn Hirschberg talks to Megan Fox about swimming, the X-Men and her cats.

Megan Fox has been seen in a tiny bikini in a men’s magazines and leaning over the hood of a ’76 Camaro in “Transformers.” But Megan Fox has a quality that sets her apart from other wannabe starlets, Fox is sly like any true fox should be. A devoted student of stardom, past and present, she knows how to provide her own color commentary. She has detailed her fling with a stripper named Nikita, compared Michael Bay, the director of “Transformers,” to Hitler, and revealed that she has her boyfriend’s name tattooed “next to my pie.”, and has admitted a lust for the reigning heartthrob Robert Pattinson. “I would eat Robert Pattinson,” Fox said.

Megan Fox lives in Los Angeles but visited New York to host “Saturday Night Live,” and was interviewed by Lynn Hirschberg from the New York Times. Lynn said that in person, Fox is small and narrow, with a tiny waist, and she wears her long, thick dark brown hair parted in the middle, which gives her a vaguely Indian quality. Her most striking feature is her eyes — they’re bright blue and catlike, and they look half-closed even when they’re wide-open. She’s not warm or particularly friendly and doesn’t seem at all interested in small talk. Instead, she’s self-contained and a bit wary. She will answer any question, but she resists true dialogue. With Fox, it’s not a conversation but a presentation.

megan fox in a bikini

megan fox in a bikini

Fox admitted in the interview that Having conquered the male audiences, she was now trying to figure out what women want. In the last month, Fox and her team — her agent, Chuck James, and her publicists, Leslie Sloane Zelnick and Dominique Appel — have grown increasingly nervous about her media image. They were hoping that hosting “S.N.L.” and some recent appearances on talk shows on which she seemed demure might help to change the dialogue about Fox from the out-of-control sex bomb to the Fox they know, who is a homebody with a longtime boyfriend actor Brian Austin Green.

So should Megan Fox be attempting to reach the female audiences, or settle with being the hottest woman alive? Should she adapt he persona to please the masses, or do what she has always done, and speak her mind?







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