Megan Fox was a cheap dresser in High School

Megan Fox was a cheap dresser in High School
megan fox high school yearbook

megan fox high school yearbook

Megan Fox recently did an interview about her high school days. The reason for the interview was because of the film Jennifer’s Body and how it differed or related to her time spent in high school. Megan Fox says,”I used to dress cheaply during her High School days, because I could not afford to buy expensive clothes.”

megan fox high school

megan fox high school

Megan Fox now the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ admits that her cheap clothing sense in her upcoming flick jennifer’s Body is quite similar to her clothing style in high school.

“It was so cheese-tastic and so gross and so cheap, I loved it. It was so like how I used to dress when I was in high school because I had no money. It made me feel like that small-town character,” she said.

Megan Fox earned money during her high school days by working at Tropical Smoothie Cafe where she was required to dress like a banana to attract customers, making her the laughing stock of her high school friends.

megan fox cheerleader

megan fox cheerleader

“I worked at a Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Florida when I was 15. I would have to go out in the street wearing a gigantic banana costume and dance to try to get customers to come in. There was no anonymity, the costume had a big hole cut out so that everyone would see your face. My friends from school would drive back and forth and yell all kinds of awesome obscenities at me!” Fox said.



Bex says:

and she’ll neva marry one of you so
ill tell u now……….
stop dreaming

Bex says:

You do realise that megan fox DOES NOT GO ON THE NET?
she has no time for this and she probably wouldnt look
that hot without makeup but shes still pretty

Carlos says:

I think you are so pretty ,you are a superstar i like you for me you’re the most beautiful woman of all.


JMeganFox says:

I think ur wrong she dresses with excellence

Wang Li Ming (王黎明) says:

Dear Megan : I love you forever!

Frado says:

You should star in more movies!!!!

joshua26 says:

Megan I would of for sure asked you out in High School I am sure we would have been the best couple lol…for real though if you would give it a chance , cuz i have the balls to ask you ….i would love to take you out on a romantic date and just get to know you and maybe go for a walk , your too beautiful to be treated in any bad way.

Frado says:

No matter in what clothes she’s in she looks great!!!!

Rube says:

hi! megan you already know you’re the most beatiful woman in the world if you do not know me i have hope that some can do it i love you MEGAN FOX

Mariana says:

i love megan shes so amazing and perfect and to think that she went to highschool like the rest of us thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brian says:

hi, retards….
those of you who can not spell, or use proper grammer- megan fox does not read this! she’s kinda got a life, and a job, and friends, and money… she doesnt just sit around some random fanboy site and read comments that retards confess their love to her! and even if she could she wouldnt do it very long because no one can understand what you are trying to say.

rudi andi putra ringo ringo says:

i think megan fox saw prettier with she simple clothing, with the simple clothes, she exceeding beauty queen which.

Marcus says:

:O :O

Shes the most…… OMG sehs so HOOOOOOOOOTTTT ^^
you are hot wathewer you do;) I LUUUV YOU

sidney says:

WOW!!! u actually dressed up like a banana. i’d probably do that too but it depends on the money and i want a closed costume so no one would see my face 😀 i feel so sad for u, u probably got made fun of for weeks :S

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