Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox Tattoos
megan fox lingerie

megan fox lingerie

Megan Fox has Supposedly 9 tattoos. Here is a list an explanation of all of Megan Fox’s Tattoos.

Old English text on her right scapula reading:

“We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.”

This is a reference, not a complete quote, from Act V, Scene III of Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear.

megan fox gilded butterflies tattoo

megan fox gilded butterflies tattoo

Megan Fox is an obvious fan of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. She has a popular image of Marilyn tattooed on her inner right forearm.

megan fox marilyn monroe tattoo

megan fox marilyn monroe tattoo

On the inner aspect of her lower leg above her right ankle, Megan Fox has a crescent moon overlapping a five pointed star. It is the one visibly colored tattoo that she has.

megan fox star moon tattoo

megan fox star moon tattoo

Megan Fox is obviously a fan of stringing words together with her own personal meaning.

Like the large Old English text on her left rib cage.

there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART

megan fox rib cage tattoo

megan fox rib cage tattoo

Megan Fox has been dating actor Brian Austin Green (Terminator, The Sarah Conner Chronicles) for the last four years. She has a script tattoo of his first name between her pubic bone and right hip.

megan fox brian austin green tattoo

megan fox brian austin green tattoo

On the back of her neck just below the hairline Megan has a black ink tattoo of the Chinese symbol of strength in calligraphy. It’s a simple tattoo with a strong meaning.

megan fox neck tattoo strength

megan fox neck tattoo strength

On the inside of Megan’s left wrist is a tattoo of two waves entwined like a yin and yang symbol. This tattoo has a bit of color but looks like black ink from a distance.

megan fox ying yang tattoo

megan fox ying yang tattoo

There’s a rumour that Megan has a tattoo of “I Love Steven Johnson” on her inner left thigh but I haven’t seen it in all the pictures I’ve surfed through.

Megan Fox also recently recieved a tribal design tatoo on her arm.

Megan Fox regrets letting a stoned tattooist put a tribal design on her arm, because it turned into nothing but a messy mark. Fox is now taking steps to get the tattoo removed and insists she’ll take more care when she picks skin artists in the future.

The Transformers star says, “The guy was smoking weed while he tattooed me and he didn’t do it correctly. Now it’s nothing and I’m gonna get it removed. I was told he was a really amazing tattoo artist but he wasn’t on his game that night. He was distracted.”

Fox had better luck with her first tattoo – an image of her heroine Marilyn Monroe: “She was one of the first people I saw on television, like, literally moments after I was born. Every time I heard her voice growing up I always would cry. I wouldn’t know why when I was younger but had my own theories. I’ve just always empathized with her.”



amara says:

u are beautiful girl and luv the tatoos

jimmy says:

menganfox look sexy in the photos

jimmy says:

she look so sexe

panda says:

A tattoo is like a really bad sunburn that gets slapped with a hand. At least thats what it feels like for the frist few days.

Tattoo artist says:

Tattoos don’t hurt. The worst part is the puking and the hangover, since most people are quite drunk when they get them.

meganfoxishot says:

I loved a girl with a tattoo of a scar. It showed that she was fearless in her effort to….. You’re a moron.

sanity says:

What an IDIOT, never have I seen such poor taste body graffiti. The “artist” should have his/her hands cut off and Megan needs to buy a brain with her newfound fortune. Only trash is attracted to trash…

cdkeli says:

I can’t stand girls with tramp stamps or the like.

I love girls with scars – its hot somehow because it shows they’re
fearless and tough and athletic and vulnerable and have a sense
of unbridled adventure and mystery but tattoos are self-indulgent crap, signifying nothing. They’re fake expressions of life experience, bogus.

Tyrone says:

Megan Fox, You are an angel! I love your tattoos they are gorgeous! So are you, you are my idol! Love you always

DommyDoom says:

what part of” UN-OFFICIAL” Megan Fox page don’t you bozo’s understand?

Naveen says:

i love her bcoz she is hot & tooooooooo sexy

Elona says:

“I Love Her and Her Tattos” !

K!d^eXcLus!Ve says:

Very very very sexy

One love megan

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danger girl…and i didn’t like you…

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joni bun says:

Megan,u are tatooo beautiful….

Yes! says:

I heard from a friend of hers that she has a bullseye on her back. Trashy and sexy. I just can’t find a photo

ozan says:

I be enamored offf youuuu

Lauren says:

I love u so much , Megan Fox !!!

Lauren says:

I love Megan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe tattoo

Ali Baba says:

Megan Fox, you are beautiful !

I hope I will see you more !!

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michelle says:

Tattoos, for me, don’t hurt that much. I think the outline hurts worse. I compared it to if a small child scratched you. It’s not the painful. Gettinq my monroe hurt worse than my tattoos. But make sure you get somethinq meaningful, thouqh. Cuz my foolish friend got her boyfriend’s name and face tattooed on her body. she’s only 18. and guess what? they broke up. qo fiqure. l0l…bt no, its nt entirely unbearable pain. Go for it!

AlcmShinoda says:

You´re very bealtiful and wonderful!

Electronics says:

Great post, thanks for sharing this with me 🙂

I look forward to reading your future posts!

Pancho says:

¡Hola, mamacita Megan! You tattoo was a child mistake. Is like a infant scrible on nice picture. You need take tattoo off and be beautiful more. Is more grow up. That is more nice transformer for you than movie. Just my advices for you.

¡Peace Out!

Your Pancho

Jakee says:

You ppl have no life commenting on here about how hot she is and things u would do to her. That’s kinds creepy haha sry to say but I’m sure she’s freaked out cause of u. I’m sure she love the comments saying she hot and beautiful it’s true so I can understand but I’m sure she doesn’t wanna hear that every single day haha but what do I know I’m not her so owell.

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beautiful tatoos megan fox

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sexy tatoo’s!!!!
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