Megan Fox Public Service Announcement

Megan Fox Public Service Announcement

meagan fox

meagan fox

Megan Fox has recently become the Hollywood ‘It’ girl. Everyone loves her, and it seems like she is popping up everywhere. Today she has a public service announcement for you. Megan Fox really just wants you to be yourself, no matter what that entails. In this video she talks about pier pressure, and how to deal with it. It’s part of the promotion for her newest movie, Jennifer’s Body. (You will be verified of your age since you should be over 18 to watch this.)

Megan Fox Public Service Announcement – Watch more Funny Videos

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty excited for Jennifer’s Body! Jennifer’s Body comes out on September 18 2009.



Camilo Vanegas says:

i like see you

In only a minute

plz !

Andrea says:

That was awesome I thought it was serious.Maybe it is.Haha.Thanks Megan it makes me feel better that you want me to eat and kill every boy in school.Thanks so much I take it personally.Megan that was awesome.

Eric says:

This video gave me a good laugh, dare you can’t keep a straight face when watching that. also would like to say that you should be different, nobody likes a crowd.

Cayla-Rhene says:

hey. love you. unique. and you dont care what people think of you. love and cant wait to get a chance to work with you one day. you would be good for the role in one of my stories…^_^

stars12345 says:

HAHA that was funny :L
i think girls should eat boys too!

Kyle says:

hi plz email me.

limitup says:


Can we go fishing?

Ted Kimura Jr says:

seen you on the U S S John Stenis CVN 74 how is it on an aircraft carrier you public service announcement is geared at getting even at other people. I would say just avoid them if they make fun of you. Usually people like that have trouble keeping friends in the future.

kalia says:

i love u! good luck as cat woman.

jeff says:

oh that was so awesome.

ramzi_meganfox says:

I’m not afraid her final .. Lost years of my life in fear ..
I do not want to be a normal person I will resist any circumstances
i love megan <3
from ramzi to my love megan fox <3 😉

Ricky says:

hi Megan it been a long time play with you for a long time. i have very great time.&

thank you for you saveing me, but some how i feel i don’t desire it….

i do not mean what i say,just can’t help it,&

after all of this i love you in my fashion,but some how

i feel terrible to you.i really love you~ Rick. Submit 😉

REZA says:




atta says:

i had already saw this public service announcement in other website, she´s a got a point at the start of the vid but when she said “****’em” i totally laughed my tail off

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