Megan Fox and her pets

Megan Fox and her pets
megan fox and her bangal rosh

megan fox and her bangal rosh

Megan Fox was featured in Pawprint magazine, in which she posed with some of her pets. Her pets are a bengal cat, a parrot, and a pig. She also posed in a picture for the cover with a fox.

“Rosh loves me, but he hates Brian,” laughs Megan. “Bangal Cats are bred from mountain lions, so he wants to be the dominant male and take all the females. When Brian tries to get close to me, Rosh stares him down.”

Megan Fox has always loved animals even at the early age of 3. She owned 6 dogs, a squirrel, 2 birds, 2 cats and a pig. She is obsessed with big cats and even helps out at Big Cat Rescue.

Megan fox holding a fox

Megan fox holding a fox

“I feel like wild animals are just so much closer to God,” says Megan about her cover shoot costar, Tanner.

Megan Fox with her parrot

Megan Fox with her parrot

“He likes to lie on his back and have his belly petted,” says Megan about her parrot, Bowie. “He also gives kisses. If you stick your toungue out, he’ll toungue kiss you. Is that weird? I don’t know.”

Her pig Smalls sleeps with the puppies in the dog pile. She describes Smalls as smart and so sweet. Megan also said that Cat Rosh has a resemblance of her in terms of personality. Bitchy but cuddly at night.

Megan Fox with her pig

Megan Fox with her pig

“Before we got our pig, I used to eat pork and now I can’t… it’s sad to think they are just slaughtered for hot dogs and breakfast meats. They aren’t people, but they understand and feel.”

Megan Fox’s pets to date are a Bulldog named Spanky, a Siberian Husky named Rayden, a Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig named Smalls, an Abyssinian cat named Luna, a Bangal cat named Rosh, 2 Sun Conures named Bowie and Roxy, a Pomeranian dog named Sid Vicious, a cairn terrier named Sullivan, a Boston terrier named China, and a French Bull Dog named Curtis.



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Cristian yepes del poso says:

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sanajit says:

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Nicole;-/ says:

Interesting pets. Does she really have a pet FOX though? Eh…makes sense.

Maiya says:

i agree with “Bob”…u guys are weird & crazy…


I think it’s great how much Megan Fox loves animals. The pics are great.

Bob says:

Wow, why do you people try to talk to Megan on here; it’s not like she even reads these comments. And also, why do you give out your email addresses and phone numbers, now any creep can start spamming you with all sorts of crap and use your email to sign up for stuff.

Carolina Lovato-Facey says:

yay! 😀
i am also going vegetarian! Go Megan Fox you rule!

Tommy says:

Hi there!

My name is Tommy, and im an actor, from Sweden. How did you got in touch with or started your career as an actor??

I have tried to email a lot of casting agencies, (sorry for all my incorrect spelling) but no answer…

Well…I think you are a great actor, and i love the picture with you and the fox..=o)
Can you get a fox to be that friendly? Stupid quess…Hehe
I have only seen foxes in the wild..Around my house..=o)

Take care and have a long and happy life!

Hope i see you sometime.

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Kevin says:

Megan i have the same birthday as you, how cool1

devon says:

i like ur pets you r so freaken hot

sidney says:

if i had a pig i would do what megan did. i would stop eating pork bacon and other foods that have pig. its sad to eat that when theres a pig in the house. by the way nice pig too! 🙂

mat says:


tony ~^_^ says:

i like your pig

tony ~^_^ says:

Say good things!
HAHA ~~~ Tony

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delphina kaye says:

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nice smile… yummm

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Deena Wood says:

Oh my goodness! If that is her cat, then she is EXTRA lucky!!! It’s so cute! I love it!

gwen says:

Some nice pets!

Rohan says:

wild pic!!!

khalil al sukhon says:

Nice pic Meg,
i don’t know what to say but ,
i have two ideas want to present

1st Iv been toutched by what the tattoo sayin’ :”there was once a girl who never knew love was until a boy broke her heart,” .

2nd nice cat 🙂

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leslie galeana says:

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Botsford says:

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zach says:

your pets are awsome! i wish i had all those pets . do you like ferrets? ferrets are the best pets in the world( in my opinion they are) my parents won’t let me get one.

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da best. Keep it going! Thank you

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i love ur dog megan…
and i love u too.
come to malaysia…

sean says:

wow magen your beautiful and you love animals and you believe in god wow if you could just leave me a message at my email what do u believe in the father son and the holy ghost or something else will let me know ok


Megan, you are so kiut with the animals, your pets have a beautiful mom, I like me a pet yours for that you allowed me.

Deepak says:

youare really sexy want to be friends

Tim says:

I understand her. I am also a veganer!

Tim says:

I understand her. I am also a vegeterian!

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Duran says:

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Duran P.
Fresno, Ca

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