Megan Fox Official Website

Megan Fox Official Website

meagan fox

meagan fox

With the growing fame and popularity of Megan Fox as a movie star and actress, we are seeing more and more people searching for the Megan Fox Official Website. I have also been curious as to weather Megan Foxx has her own Official website. After searching the internet, all that I could find were Megan Fox Fansites, just like

Megan Fox shopping

Megan Fox shopping

Magen Fox or Meagan Fox as many people look for her on the web is Megan Fox and as her fame continues to grow, I am sure she will choose her own official website, with lots of Megan Fox Pictures, and Megan Fox Pics on her very own Megan Fox website.

megan foxx

megan foxx

Until that happens www.Megan is happy to provide you with a Megan Fox Website that is run by fans to keep you up to date on all news about Megan Fox.



Pharma930 says:

Hello! dbggdek interesting dbggdek site! I’m really like it! Very, very dbggdek good!

ashley says:

omg can you please come to my middle school because every time my history teacher answers the phone, he always says “i bet that’s Megan Fox calling me”.

joseph rogers says:

you are the hottest person ive ever seen!

Esad says:

Megan you are so beautifl girl . you are the beautifl girl in the world i hope i will have a love with a girl like you

Kaaru says:

You are the most beautiful girl in this world, you are my idol and I’ve seen all your movies (: ,, good lucky with Brian. I love you Miss Fox ♥.

Cesar also called the sexy guy says:

Dear rose (megan),
Your the beautifl girl in the whole planet in the history.I wanted to tell you if also cutty as inside meg.It doesnt matter he cutty ok . I think you are also cute as inside.I LOVE YOU NEVER CHANGE.uUR THE BEST REMEMBE THAT . ALSO TAKE MY EMAIL …………….

serpico says:

you are …. sexy beauty …. have .. manifik body …..

nick says:

i love megan fox i wish i get a kiss from her

Wang Li Ming(王黎明) says:

Dearn Mega : You always are in my heart!!!

Aaron says:

Megan… you are B-E-A-UTIFUL 🙂

fernando hernandez sanchez says:

ur so beatifule i just cant sop waching your movies

homeless man says:

I remember when i was in grade school i used to hide behind my books…i was afriad of people…still am to some degree….got picked on also… drove me to committ suicide/almost died while the doctors pumped my stomach for pill injestion….i think(i dont know)thats why megan fox went into hollywood to conquer her fears of being all alone in the world. Who knows? It kind of sucks being a star i would think…volumes of people by the millions “WANTING” something from you all the time”Because of being rich and connected….people trying to find some kind of dirt on you to turn your life upside down because they have something you dont…jealousy….everybody in the world with the mentality of the “getting there” process……ect. ect .ect.

John says:

Hey Megan,

If you actually read these messages…nice work on Transformers 2! You Rock!

Ray holohan says:

ur so hot i want to meet u and u look so sexy in every movie u play in

Julian says:

in my opinion Megan Fox is the most hottest girl in the world. i would do anything to have her phone number. I LOVE MEGAN FOX!!

L says:

Hi to all who read this, first i would like to address that i also think (like the millions of people out there) that megan fox is hot, but i’ve been checking out her interviews and whatnot, and she is JUST like all the other celebrities if not worse. She talks S@&% and says i dont like the attention like the other celebrities, i want people to like for my intelligence but all she talks about is dumb S@#$, you use your mean or badass girl or whatever you what to call it attitude for attention. You say other people are stupid when you yourself make stupid comments, grow up will you. However, i still like you, I just think that youre too overwhelmed with how fast you life has been going.

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