Megan Fox No Makeup

Megan Fox No Makeup

megan fox no makeup

megan fox no makeup

Many people are searching for Megan Fox sans makeup. Either Megan Foxx is becoming that popular that people want to see Megan Fox without makeup or there is a picture that has surfaced of Megan Fox with no makeup, that I am unaware of. I even found a few comments that she is not hot at all without makeup. I still believe that Megan Fox would be sexy with a beard and mustache, because she is a man right? Nah, she made the comment about being a man, but we all know that she is not.

She has very few pictures like that but I picked the ones I liked the most. Megan Fox really is a Transformer. Sometimes she doesn’t look good with too much makeup. Sometimes she looks amazing with makeup.

megan fox without makeup

megan fox without makeup

These pictures are of Megan Fox with no makeup or very little as some of our readers like to point out. I have not seen Megan Fox waking up in the morning, but like many of you, would love to.



justine says:

dude you look so hot with make up on! i would do you when you’re NOT wearing it though… quit turning me on megan!!!

Make up artist says:

Ok guys come on wake up. If you are a girl or a make up artist you can totally say that indeed shes wearing MAKE UP in these pictures.
She’s just not wearing that bunch of makeup that we usually see her in movies, photo shoots or something like that.
Im 100% sure that she’s wearing foundation, concealer, mascara, blush and lipgloss. Thats her “natural beauty make up” look and i’m not saying she isnt beautiful. She looks very pretty and hot for me but we actually never saw her without make up so we can’t tell if she is that beautiful WITHOUT all that mascara.

Someone says:

no make up? yeah right. good thing you don’t understand and obviously can’t make the difference. I’ll tell you that she has tons of make up and most likely photoshop on those photos.

Anne Kathrin says:

Ah, and what is with her hair? Originally it doesn´t seem to be as wonderful curled and dark as on artifical pictures. Megan, do you work with extensions?

Anne Kathrin says:

Sorry, just a little girl like anyone. Can hardly recognize the busty women with sexy curves like she does appear in the movies. Neither similar to Angeline Jolie – Megan Fox maybe is just too young to be a star or naturally not sex enough for my taste and this fact suprises me really, `cause media are celebrating her as sexiest women alive. However thanks for these serious fotos.

mark buttler says:

if u have a pic of her nak plz send 2 me

lala. says:

i just wish she wasnt so full of herself.. then itd be alright.. nice port page. 🙂

Pretendent says:

Chick like Megan is our world fifth element ;]

Pretendent says:

sh1t ;D you must be kidding ;D learn eng or use google translate ;D before u posting . You made me laugh 😀

and sry for my poor eng too 😀

btw . I think Megan is in the first place at top 50 women in the world.
And she is obviously 😀

sheila says:

We’re a dummy because we think Megan is NOT the hottest girl in the worl? Now that is the dumbest statement on here! LOL Please wake up and realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are millions of beautiful sexy women in this world. Especially in your 20’s! HELLO!! 0

megan says:

boys if you want to have a littel you now peepee show im up to it

megan fox says:

megan fox i am her i live 67 orange grove arcadia ok my real number me megan fox is 626-769-8474

Pretendent says:

Jesus Christ she’s so hot . I will always remember u :* ♥

jason says:

this is her still with make up … do something real dont trick people into rading your bs when you cant even deliver the picture

anonymous says:

No one is pointing out her flaws to higher thier self esteem, or calling her ugly, they’re simply expressing thier opinion….people need to stop pretending she’s perfect, because she’s not…no one is, it”s IMPOSSIBLE. Her eyes…they are a gorgeous color, but they look small. her nose has a bump and not much of a point…she has really thin hair, which she needs to do stuff to for it to look good
You mostly see her on TV , on the red carpet, in movies, and in half nude/ nude pictures, when she has to look perfect.
Bottom line: She is very pretty with very natural looking makeup…as are a bunch of girls at my school…but no refers to them as heaven sent or gorgeous, because they aren’t advertising sex, like she is
I’m not bashing people who wear makeup to enhance thier features, because I always wear a touch…I’m just saying all these people who are oggling over her need to wake up from thier Megan – induced coma
because while she is naturally very pretty (like plenty of others I know), she’s not naturally gorgeous- nor the most beautiful woman in the world
Stephanie, did you actually see her in person, in plain clothes?
and whoever said that thier 7 year old brother thinks she’s hot…while that’s really funny, he’s jumping on the bandwagon…At that age children’s brains aren’t developed enough to make those sort of decisions



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