Megan Fox makes trainer sweat

Megan Fox makes trainer sweat

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has learnt the rules of basketball thanks to John Legend, Common and Ellen Page.

Harley is one of Hollywood’s top fitness experts and counts the likes of Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian as his A-list clientele.

However it’s super fit actress Megan and her husband Brian Austin Green that really get Harley’s blood pumping.

“They won’t start their set unless I do even more weight than I pick. They’re like, ‘Come on? Really, that’s all you’re going to do?’ Meanwhile, I’m trembling and nauseous and I am all sweaty for my next session. It’s kind of funny,” Harley laughed to People magazine.

Harley has also picked up new skills thanks to his showbiz clients.

John Legend, Common and Ellen Page all love to play basketball and always work it into their fitness routines.

“I never even knew the rules of basketball. But they all love playing between sets or as a warm-up or for cardio,” he explained.

Working with such big stars means Harley gets treated like a celebrity from time to time. His clients also like to get his expert opinion on gym equipment too.

“I’ve been helicoptered in to work out three or four times,” he smiled.

“I’ve also designed a gym for a client’s airplane.”

But when it comes to creating workouts, Harley treats all of his clients the same. While fitness is tailored to the individual’s needs, he makes everyone incorporate lunges and step-ups into their routine.

“It’s like taking their medicine. But they still do them because they make them really sore and they make them feel that they’re getting the job done,” he said.



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