Megan Fox likes eating boys

Megan Fox likes eating boys
megan fox devil

Megan Fox recently admitted to being a cannibal! Even if it is only by admission at this point. Megan Fox has confessed she loved fighting with Jennifer’s Body costar Johnny Simmons.

“I loved all the blood and guts, I loved beating up all the boys and biting them. Despite what people seem to think of me, it’s never fun kissing people you don’t know. But killing them? I loved it” said Megan Fox.

And 23-year-old sex symbol Megan claims she didn’t even mind the gory scenes involving sick and blood.

Megan admits: “That was the most fun because you’re really being someone else at that point, you can let go of yourself completely and just sort of be a lunatic. Those are my favourite scenes to do and my favourite scenes to watch.”

She added: “There were like the moments when I would grab him and throw him into the water, and he was so hurt and weak so we sort of had a wrestling match – that was fun.”

And Megan Fox definitely looks really hot in her vampiric look. Megan says that she has always loved vampires.



kc wham says:

Don’t let those lecherous bigwig director types push you around. Please stay away from knives and Botox. love, KC

forex robot says:

Amazing as always 🙂

Adelina says:

OH my Good, I saw the Trailer and Megan, You look very hot !

Breno says:

Oh my God! eat me, Megan 🙂

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