Megan Fox Killed Early In Transformers 3?

Megan Fox Killed Early In Transformers 3?
mikaela banes in transformers rise of the fallen

We all know about the supposed feud between Megan Fox and Michael Bay, director of Transformers.  Her recent comments throw the word “Hitler” around in the same sentence as Michael Bay, and that is just not the mix of words you want to be in with your director. And Michael Bay in his press release for Transformers 3 said” P.S. Megan Fox, welcome back. I promise no alien robots will harm you in any way during the production of this motion picture. Please consult your Physician when working under my direction because some side effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal tendencies, depression, minor chest hair growth, random internal hemorrhaging and inability to sleep. As some directors may be hazardous to your health, please consult your Doctor to determine if this is right for you.”

We have up to this point, and still are puzzled as to weather this was a real dislike for each other or a great PR stunt. And now we look back at Michael Bays words, do they also include Mikaela Banes, Megan Fox’s Character?

While Megan has been signed on for the third film, the rumor going around is that she will not last that long.  What that means for Shia LaBeouf and his love interest for the movie remains to be seen. If Mikaela Banes was killed early in Transformers 3, I think that the flow of the film could be all thrown out of wack. What do you think about the rumor, and who do you think could fill the love interest role that Megan currently has in the films if she is killed off?

Movie industry insiders say that Michael is considering writing the hot brunette out of the series in an intense death scene just minutes into Transformers 3!

“Michael’s pretty much discovered Megan and now he’s very quietly looking for her replacement. He hasn’t decided if he’s going to kill her off in the next movie, but he just wants to be prepared.”

Great PR or a future Transformers without the sexiest woman in the world?



cj says:

Kill Megan’s character, kill the movie, that’s basically what’s going to happen I know for a fact if she’s not in it I won’t be buying a ticket to see it and I guarantee alot of other people won’t just because the fact that Megan Fox attracts the male audience. I would’ve never seen the first or second movie if she wasn’t in it. Michael Bay knows what he’s doing when he’s making movies but he doesn’t know what he’s doing by removing her from the movie. Personally I think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world but looks isn’t all she is, she also has great talent and she’s done nothing but become a better actress from the first two movies it would be crazy to cancel her out.

omiddave says:

im in love with u. ofcorse in my dreams

vix says:

Totally ridiculous! If he does axe her from the movie like the rumours say, Bay will be losing a lot of interest and money! She is the main reason why people see it! She is the shit! Think people will be raring up if she gets killed off! especially so soon! some1 start a petition! xxx

StarvingOrphans says:

Transformers has lost not only this fan but many others if Megan Fox is not in it. Im not gonna sugar coat anything. That’s what it is period. Without megan fox the movie is going to be trash

Anne says:

by the way dum its actress?

Anne says:

megan fox should not b kicked out
tranformers 3 would lose all their hard earned money

Dom says:

well i say if megan fox is killed first in the movie or takin off the movie,all i have to say to micheal bay is f*** you cause megan is the whole movie everybody loves her just because shes sexy,well she is but nobody sees that she is an amazing act0r and that is a big part in a movie and the franchise of the TRANSFORMERS movies, cause bad actors bad movie,am i right i mean anbody would say megan and shias love for eachother make up the movies and that is true so i mean i know anyguy would cut off two nuts just to bang her am i right so yeah micheal bay if u do that too her i will take out your kneecaps with a tire iron and i’ll shove my foot so far in your butt you will be pulling shoe laces out of your mouth for a week.


I don’t want to see Megan Fox get killed off in TRANSFORMERS 3, She’s awesome and beautiful.

Many Transformers fans like me don’t want to see Megan Fox get killed off in the third Transformers Movie because that really ruins the whole movie.


if they axe Megan Fox in Transformers 3 i will walk out of the movie shes the only reason i c them so u will loss alot of rating if shes not in the film.

Wang Li Ming (王黎明) says:

Dear Megan: I love you forever!!!

harinderjeet says:

dont act foolish megan just do what your heart says and ps say sorry to michael

jace says:

If they kill her early I wii sue MichaelBay

jackjack says:

her and shia are like clark keent and lois lane. could the series go on, sure, but would it be the same or as good, the honest answer is no.

Aznavur says:

мда… телка офигительная))…. че здесь из россии люди тоже есть? =) XD

Баскетболист says:


JMeganFox says:

Carlos man i agree with you

Guest5 says:

You guys are nuts! There are lots of beautiful women out there. Having said that I like Megan Fox too! I think she’s great! but, I watch the movies for the transformations, raw power and the very cool effects. I have a young daughter who loves these movies too and the love interest is just a little too much. They could do just as well with the same characters in dirty ripped clothes running around dodging bullets and saying funny things. Movies don’t have to have crude sexual inuendo, cuss words or naked people in them to be great. (i.e: GI Joe) I’d hate to see Megan go but, if she is asking too much money or is being a pain to work with… …I’d write her out too.

Carlos says:

Well This So Called Director Is Not A Professional Director . Think About It . Many People Watch The Movie Because, Shes ON IT ! Takeinq Her Off The Movie Would Be WACK! Maybe NoBody Will See It . And Then Again She Plays A Big Part In The Movie . Like What The Hell ? I Swear . Her And shia
Also Keep The Movie Going . Imagine A Movie Were Robots Come Out And Thats It . That Would Be Beyond Boring . Maybe NOONE Whould Like That !
Takeinq Her Off The Movie Is The Dumbest Idea Ever . No Joke About That .
Shes A Great Actor . Shes Been Doing Good In This Transformer Movies . Just Leave it Like That . Continue Making Movies WITH HER !

jerome says:

why would micheal bay ever kill megan fox that will make him look like a asshole megan fox is the sexist girl in the world

jerome says:

why would micheal bay lill megan fox in the third that will make him look like a i mean megan fox is

Grant says:

I hope thy don’t kick out megan because she is so sexy in that movie just like in all her movies

stephen says:

you cant kill megan fox. shes a big part of the movie. if you kill her that it will the dumbest thing ever. because megan and shia’s love for each other is a big part in the movie, without it, it will be boring!! yeah we all love the action in the movies because its awesome. and yeah it doesnt mainly have to do with their love, but since it was put in there, you need to keep it without it then i wont watch the movie. but you cant just bring in some other girl for shia. thats just so stupid, so he better not make her die in the movie.

sidney says:

i hope she doesnt get killed. nobody can take her place, shes perfect as Mikaele! if she gets killed then alot of people will walk out of the theatre!!! 🙁

alba says:

I thiink no body can replace Megan Fox , Megan Fox in that movie is like the guy in harry poter with out him it wouldent be harry potter !!! …. MIchael Bay is making the worst mistake of his life !!

threetimesalady says:

Only the stupidest person will do that
If he has a view of Megan’s importance ,I am sure he will change his former idea
It’s no doubt that Megan will appear in transformers 3 and 4 and the whole series movies!!!

Floost says:

Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

when i see you it’s the best day of meeee i love you megan pleas write me becouse i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you are the most beuitifull girl in old world i hope to see you and dedicate one song i love youuuu


Nooo if they kill megan is the movie boring!!!

Love you!!!

whateva says:

because of megan fox is hot and melting every guy on the planet thats why everyone on her side…for she is never feel thankful to micheal bay for giving her the chance to pop up in this industries….
no one will know her if not because of micheal bay take her in his movie…

jeffery says:


Trey says:

Hey megan it’s me again
If michael bay even thinks about killing mikaela then he’s a retard and would throw away the girl that even made this movie so popular.
Here’s a message to u michael, megan is f***ing amazing and sexy and without her no one would see the movie u will be nothing
Always on your side megan

Jason Mueller says:

will I have to say, yes she is hot! but you have got to look at original series as a cartoon witch this is based off of there is no women in their so if Michael Bay wants to off her, he is not stupid so be it. I just hope there is no cussing in this next film it is great with out it.

Danny says:

I think Micheal Bay is making a huge mistake by even thinking of killing Megan Fox I can honestly say over millions of ppl watch transformers Because of megan,she is one of the most amazing person ever an she is perfect in TransFormers no one should take her luv life in transformers,,so I beg of you Micheal Bay please do not kill one of the most amazing person in the world

joseph slikkin says:

ill give you my number bbe, 0161 330 5221 thats h=my house fone ring me when u have spare time.x

jope slikkin says:

hia megan i watch you in all of your movies, i am goin to have plastic surgery so that i can be like you. in turminattors you were the sexiest thing i had ever seen. please can i have your number you dont no how much i love you i dribble when i think of you x luv u alot bbe x

james stubbs says:

ill give you mumber 07919697493 call me for a chat luv u x

Joao says:

You kill off one of the main characters you kill off the movie, it’s that simple. She made a mistake, just like everyone on this planet has.

Chanel says:

J0sh Frazin…
Boy are you in over your head…ROFL.

Second off, no I totally agree. She MADE the Transformer movies.
But as far as her needing you? Sorry kiddo, she’s got Shia. Lmfao.

Denis says:

Transformers 3 yes will come Megan!)

Josh Frazin says:

Add my number to the previous comment she needs me 3214800247

Josh Frazin says:

Biggest transformers fan in the world, and because of transformers i think Megan is THE sexiest woman Ive ever seen in my life. I would give life to get in bed with that woman and so would every man on this planet. Megan WAKE UP, without Michael Bay your just that girl no one remembers from a “Teenage Drama Queen”, a second to lindsay ‘lowlife’ lohan. Now you’re the one every one wants to talk about and you have Michael Bay to thank for it. Your hot babe but get your head on straight, and make Michael Bay happy and the rest of the world happy, for Transformers 3 must include you in it. Michael Bay thank you for Bad Boys 2, best F***ing movie of all time and Transformers is a close number 2.

Guest says:

I’m back!

To Megan Fox:
Tell Michael Bay you are sorry (but lie) only so he won’t kill you off in the rest of the Transformers movies!

Guest says:

I think Megan Fox is great for the part of Mikela Banes and not like Michael Bay should even think of killing her off in Transformers 3! Megan Fox is one of the main things in the Transformers franchise. I hope Megan Fox nose that she can go up to him in the face and say, “Kiss my butt you big old lump!”

bmross says:

If they kill megan fox off early in the movie then it will ruin the whole movie because her and shia’s love for each other is a big part of why the movies are great.

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