Megan Fox knows how to stay popular

Megan Fox knows how to stay popular

megan fox rain

megan fox rain

In Seoul, South Korea, Fox admitted to having a huge crush on actor and singer Rain.

Megan Fox is known for being sexy and really knows how to garner publicity that is likely to benefit her film and enhance her image. “Megan obviously doesn’t need a PR team. She cleverly creates a hot media circus for herself wherever she goes,” the Daily Star quoted a Tinseltown studio executive as saying.

david beckham

david beckham

Megan Fox has admitted having a crush on many popular stars in every country she has visited to promote the new transformers movie. At the London premiere of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Megan Fox said that she had the hots for David Beckham, and for ‘Girls Aloud’ star Cheryl Cole.

cheryl cole girls aloud

cheryl cole girls aloud

What a way to win over London fans. But that’s not all, when she visited France, she claimed that 34-year-old Vincent Lecoeur was “the sexiest man in Europe”, and said that she would love to get up and close with him.

vincent lecoeur

vincent lecoeur

Then while in Berlin, she praised the “smouldering good looks” of German superstar Christoph M. Ohrt.

christoph m ohrt

christoph m ohrt

And In Tokyo, she said that she also was crushing on movie star and singer/songwriter Teppei Koike, who was last year named Newcomer of the Year by the Japanese Film Academy.

teppei koike

teppei koike

What do all of these actors, singers, and actresses have in common? They are all different ages, some old, some young, different ethnicities, various heights and weights, and different genders, but the one thing that stays the same, is they are all famous stars, with many fans. Megan’s plan is to show interest in popular icons, and gain some of their fan base as her own. Smart idea.

“She’s a real street smart player who shoots from the lip every time she sees an opportunity to generate some hot publicity that’s going to benefit the film, raise her profile and enhance her image,” said another Hollywood executive.

So for all you people who think that she is in love with a star from your country, just remember Megan Fox has many crushes, and plenty of love to spread around.





J/Megan Fox says:

Hi Megan Fox,

I think u are very bright and nice looking if i were ur close friend i would always support u in anything even if its against me.u lighten my day without you i would have a darkness in me with alot of rage thanks to u i think u are the best girl in the world.
your fan,
J/Megan Fox

QueenMeganFan says:

We heard the RPattz news ciculating to do with Brit spy movie Vauxhall Crossed but does anyone know for sure if Megan is to play the lead female in this? Can she do a Brit accent at all?

Mary says:

I hope that my dream will come true one day? That I will get to see you and Shia!!!

megan fox's hardcore fan says:

I think by the time she attracts the attention of all the men in this world, she would be showing off her feminine side! Lick that!

dutchie says:

hi megan

i’m a girl from holland and you want to smoke weed so come to visit me then whe can smoke a joint.and you can take me to the place where they pimp you up haha you look amazing after your operations …
greetz kim

tiffany says:

I think megan is pretty but she thinks she is all that. And she dose not have very attractive legs. And shut up Queen Megan Fan whoever the hell u are.

mercedes says:

I think Megan is a pretty young lady. And her new movie looks good

QueenMeganFan says:

Megan is so so amazing and I’m really looking forward to Jennifer’s Body. Does anyone know if she’s really doing the British spy movie Vauxhall Crossed? She’d be awesome as a Brit!

david says:

She is just a girl yet you praise her as a godess, so you will be let down
for a girl is looking for a man to lean on and you are leaning way too much on her.
so geeks get off your computer and get a life.

megan fox 2 says:

i love megan fox!

Lara says:

damn.. u so hot..someday,,i will bw like u..i trust my self..

Tommy M. says:

Megan,I dream of u every night. If u mmmmmmeeeeeeeeettttt meee in real life i would bye 600 roses.I need U 2 live. U don’t have 2 reveal UR body to be gorgeous. Ur face is supersupersupersupersuper gogeous. I luv ur lips,eyes,hair, & skin ect. I want to marry u but im only 11. if u meet me & kissed me once or anything I would B a better person. I live to see megan & dream about her. I also have some questions 4 megan. Like fav food,color,clothing,dessert,& if u LIKE kids. Cause some people HATE kids but u r supersupersupersupersuper nice so u probably like kids. I ur biggestx999999999999999999999999999999999 fan.Plz plz plz plz plz plz contact me & plz plz plz plz plz plz meet me….. I LUV U MEGAN U SEXY BEAST. LOL. O ya and plz meet

young buk says:

i think that megan fox should be my wife there’s so things that matshes between us i love her lebanon loves her see you

atta says:

i think that Megan is sexy too, her looks hypnotize every guy and i wish to meet her too, it´s one of my dreams and i want to be a friend of her´s too because im 15 too, but when we reach 18 she will be probaly married, but we have to think positive and hope that she isn´t married

Bobby says:

i think that you are supper sexy an wish to meet and be freinds mainly because i am 15. can you please wait 3 years so we can get together. or visit me in montebello at schurr high

Paula says:

Oh, yeah she’s so sexy. She knows very much people.

But, what is the woman on the first picture? She is not resemble for Megan. says:

Megan Fox should have a crush on me! jk…….. i wish! I don’t have a chance with her….. mainly because I’m only 14 and the other reason is I don’t know how to get to meet her 🙁 I wish i knew how. I at least want to be friends. I will do alot of things just to meet her! I just don’t know how!!:((

eddie says:

you should have makin the new movie 3D and how many places have you traveled too.i wish so badly that you were my gf

santi says:

you are so sexy
I´m from argentina!
your new movie it´s so cool!!

ROCKSTAR 69 says:

I am with you ralph I undertand that we all have dreams and that infact Megan fox is a very beautifull women and that you might have the dream of being a normal person and that by divine justice a beautifull famouse actris will fall in love with you. Come on people she does not even access this website. She has even said that she never goes on line or read about her self. Get a life and a normal girl. If you ever do date her well good for you but I doubt it. Hands Up. Keep it real!!!

eboy says:

meagan you suck!! your just some girl who thinks shes the bomb, thinks shes the sexiest girl out there but theres many other girls out there that are better than you. And you need to start acting alot better so people can acually watch your movies and so you wont have to worry about trying to get more famous, fake girl!

luis says:

you are so hot!!!! /keep making movies

Mr.Pea says:

ShiaLabeouf , i luv too, n i luv u too

Sassan says:

Ten million dollers for one night with you.

osama says:

well i would like to say ,,it would be a great cool chance if u reply to my msg,,ur cute ,very very hot actress and i expect a great future for u,,i can tell that.thanx megan.

ralph says:

my dream is to be your husband megan!!

jaime says:

I hope some day I answer my email is

jaime says:

hello megan I love you hope you are well and you know you’re the most beautiful woman in creation from mexico

enom says:

The Regard Megan!
I with Ukraines, I old your admirer,
please if will have time and if will be able write on soap SHALL MUCH WAIT!!!! thank you that has read me message =)

Enrich Quiazon says:

^what’s with you??but any way you are the sexiest woman in my life

Nia says:

Megan: I think you are in fashion but soon it will appear another hot actress (plastic as you). You are making a lot of money, but you will never be a real actress. You are a product of the media. You don´t have a real life, all of you are like Britney Spears.
The people who are your fans are people without brain but with hot balls.

Megan Fox says:

I love ShiaLabeouf ! And we stay together ! Thank you fans !

Bumblebee/Jes says:

god ur beatiful. I know im probley just another 13 year old/ guy out of everybody that said ur my dream girl but thought i’d just add another comment and be another guy to tell u that. good job in TF.

meganfox1221 says:

ur are so hot megan ur my dream girl

Raph says:

Why does everyone comment to this actress in an attempt to speak to her and share your dreams with a complete stranger. Its not going to happen. Who in their right mind would want to read about how beautiful a bunch of insignificant people think she is.

ganesh says:

u r seriously to cool n beautiful n i tell u r my drem girl.

Pierre says:

Sorry for the repetition.

Pierre says:

Hello Megan.
My name is pierre. I am french.
i leave in Beauvais in France. I speak little english ^^.
Im going to the cinema for see transformer 2 and it is a good film. you play good. I dream while I work just after having seen the film to change my life.I know it seems too stupid but I’m serious.

I take some money and go to the United States to try by all means to be actor even if it is hard.i have got enormous courage and I am not afraid.

Why not try? I don’t know.
I know I seem to be four and unconscious, but my dream is it, and I have one life.

Why not change his destiny?

A dream of a young french who try to speak English.
You’re a wonderful person, which to a great future.

Enjoy your life, you have a chance.
I dream while I travalle just after having seen the film to change my vie.Je know it seems too stupid but I’m serious.

I take some money and go to the United States to try by all means to be acteur.j got enormous courage and I am not afraid.

Why not try? I do not know.

I know I seem to be four and unconscious, but my dream is it, and I have one life.

Why not change his destiny?

A dream of a young french who try to speak English.
You’re a wonderful person, which to a great future.

Enjoy your life, you have a chance.

One day perhaps.
Try to translate in English this words of french.

Tu es une actrice formidable, continue parceque beaucoup aurait réver être à ta place pour vivre ce rêve. Moi mon rêve c’est d’avoir un master et de vivre en bonne santé en gagnant ma vie. Bisous.

Pierre Bouvier. Un français qui croit en toi.

nicole says:

Megan i love you ………..
you so beautifull and i want to be you …………
You have got a beautiful tattoo

IamKoreanlegend says:

1 This is Ranin !!!!

Brian Austin Green says:

Who is your daddy Megan!!xd))

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