Megan Fox FHM Magazine Video

Megan Fox FHM Magazine Video
megan fox fhm

megan fox fhm

For Him Magazine recently held a poll for the Sexiest Woman 2008, and Megan Fox won hands down. Back in 1995, in the first ever 100 Sexiest Women In The World poll, Claudia Schiffer topped the chart and of course, now, in 2008, it’s Megan Fox. This Video of Megan Fox posing for FHM Magazine shows why.

Megan Fox holds the number one rank of Sexiest Woman in 2008 and here are a few pictures of Megan Fox from the FHM shoot.

100 Sexiest Women 2008

The top 10 included:
Jessica Alba
Keeley Hazell
Elisha Cuthbert
Hayden Panettiere
Scarlett Johansson
Cheryl Cole
Hilary Duff
Angelina Jolie
Keira Knightley

angelina jolie megan fox

angelina jolie megan fox

Megan’s a massive gamer and claims to have beaten Guitar Hero II’s Free Bird on expert. She owns pet squirrels and a pig, called Piggy Smalls. It’s funny that Angelina Jolie was considered sexiest woman alive a few years ago and Megan Fox seems to have a close resemblance to Angelina.



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Tommy M. says:

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Ricardo says:

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Matt says:

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t think Megan Fox will win FHM’s sexiest woman of 2009??? What do you guys think?

Right now she is the favorite to win and her main competition is Cheryl Cole. I reckon she has a great shot, but check out the competition!!! There are a lot of other pictures posted of the other girls she is up against, and I think its gonna be tough for her! Still, she should come out on top!?!?!


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Demetrio Eleazar Ramos Luna says:

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