Megan Fox Depressed

Megan Fox Depressed

fox megan golden globe awards

fox megan golden globe awards

Megan Fox seemed insecure on the red carpet at the 2009 Golden Globes on Sunday.

The chick who’s been called the sexiest woman on the planet by just about everyone, bashed the hell out of herself on the red carpet before the “Globes” and amidst the self-inflicted ego crushing, a straight-faced Megan blamed the whole thing on being “painfully insecure.”

While the statement probably explains the whole Brian Austin Green relationship, the fact that she also bragged about her ridiculously thin wasteline and a body built by an impressive workout regimen probably means the self-deprecation thing is just a load of crap. Right?

Her body ideal? Apparently its Salma Hayek. As the star walked by, Megan’s eyes followed.

“I really want her boobs,” Fox said. “Those are the most amazing boobs.”

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

I just can’t understand her statement, Megan Fox wants the boobs of an older woman? I would sure prefer the ones she has now.

Fox was attending the star-studded affair alone, as her fiance Brian Austin Green decided not to attend so he could stay home and “work on his music.”

“He doesn’t want to be my date,” she explained. “He’s a man. He has an ego.”



atta says:

if i could be by your side Megan i would never leave you alone

Chris says:

if i was him i wouldnt want to leave your side!! only if i could be so lucky!!

Amanda says:

Both women are beautiful. Girls suffer from low self-esteem every once and awhile. You want what you don’t have and are satisfied with what you’ve got. She’ll jump back no problem, and get back to her confidence-exuding ways. XD

dhanslo says:

i agree what these with what these other guys said!!!

JOEY says:

miss megan, you have to be the most delectable woman i have ever seen!! my lady doesn’t believe that i feel the way i do. she says you are pretty buttttt.. heeheeheehee. i say you have pretty butt, pretty boobs, pretty eyes and i very muchly like your personality. .i know of you stars EGOs.. that would not stop me from seeing you in private… don’t ever stop being who you are.. respect yourself first. you can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself first…. SEE YA, joey

Dapper Dan! says:

Megan fox I would Jus like 2 say. That U are Quality that is pleasing 2 every Mans EYE Baby & u are every Mans dream girl rite now. The only other woman I would love 2 date Besides u is Sophia Bush from 1 tree hill..Cuz U & her are Extremely Beautiful..Plzzz write Me Back thank u & enjoy the rest of ur life single or Not Peace..Ps would U send Me a Photo of urself 2 sweetie??

lol says:

she doesn’t need boobs.
She is a natural beauty, sensual, fragile, slim and drop dead gorgeous

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