Megan Fox Denies She’s Narcissistic:

Megan Fox Denies She’s Narcissistic:

Megan Fox is one of Hollywood’s most stunning actresses, but there’s more to her than just her looks.

“I would say most people assume that I’m not very smart or educated or earnest, because I have this image that I’m sort of narcissistic, chasing attention, and wanting people to like me,” the Harper’s Bazaar Arabia April 2015 cover girl told the mag. “It makes me laugh because I’ve done plenty of interviews and when you read the article from beginning to end you can see that I’m not your typical music video model.”

The 28-year-old star, who became a household name after appearing in the first and second Transformers films, admitted that she “had no idea” what she was doing when she first took on the role in 2007.
“In Transformers I was a kid, I had no idea what I was doing. There was nothing for me to do [in that movie], but then I did nothing and that was my own call,” she explained of her criticized breakout role opposite Shia LaBeouf, which she was ultimately fired from after comparing working with Michael Bay to Hitler. “I don’t take it personally because in some ways I acknowledge and agree. But at the same time…established comedians and Quentin Tarantino have come up to me and said, ‘I really liked Jennifer’s Body, you were really good in that’. The people whose opinions matter liked it, so I’m OK with that.”

And while she’s not kicking butt on-screen (and defending herself from critics), she’s mom to two adorable sons Noah, 2, and Bodhi, 13 months, whom she shares with husband Brian Austin Green.

“We ask his mom to come once a week so that we can go to dinner, go have sushi or something like that,” Fox said of how she accomplishes getting date nights in with her husband of five years. “But now that they’re so young, it’s just insanity.”



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