Megan Fox Cosmopolitan photo shoot video

Megan Fox Cosmopolitan photo shoot video

megan fox cosmopolitan

megan fox cosmopolitan

In this Megan Fox video, Megan talks about how exciting it is to do her first photo shoot for the cover of Cosmopolitan. She talks about how Cosmopolitan is the best-selling women’s magazine and states that she’s been stuck doing men’s magazines. Then she reflects back to wondering why people think she’s so bad, and ponders that it might be because she curses him much. Then she speaks about when she feels the sexiest, which is when she’s been laughing really really hard. Megan Fox then says that she could never date a boy that is not funny. Further on in the video against speaks about what type of role she likes to play in movies. Her favorite type of role is playing a psychotic female, because it’s fun for her.



Lasha says:

crazy Americans IVALLLLLLLLL 09.30.09 at 5:37 am

I LOVE YOU FULL she love you to πŸ˜€ i like megan fox she is very sexy , I pleasure her but love she is a actor πŸ˜€

james stubbs says:

you lot need to get a life u load of freaks luv u megan πŸ™‚

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

I love you I hope to dedicate one song with my guittar

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

i love you i hpe too dedicate one song with my guittar but is imposible

mathias says:


Cristian yepes del poso says:


Megan Fox says:

I wish she did meet-&-greets all over US not just Cali.It SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im would bomb Canada of the planet 2 meet her.Also does she like pie?????I like pie & megan fox


badass number two says:

U and I are so alike, it’s not even funny…my friends say I’m ur good twin and that if you and I actually met that we’d prbly destroy the world haha…it’s pretty cool cuz I’ve done practically done all the same things that you did in ur teen years lol. Jus wanted to say that u have a twin and that we were separated at birth ha ha.

mohamad shaltaf says:

hi megan your the best i love you πŸ™‚ im a great fan

Anthony Sandoval says:

MEGAN FOX…. me and my friend CJ Gooden are like soo in love with you your so gorgeous&sexy words cant describe you please hit me back so i can at least know i got one word from you





mohamad shaltaf says:


mohamad shaltaf says:

your thre best actor ever and i love you so much and your so hot

mohamad shaltaf says:

megan your the best actor ever!!!!! πŸ™‚ and your so pretty

mikmaqeskasoni says:

would awsome wear create outfit transforms anything i have a idea .

Megs says:

hey ur really pretty like everyone thinks ur hott which u would be if i was a boy like everyone at my school is in love wit u (the guys) sooo yeah…

Reza says:

wow she is very very cute and hot & sexy & lovely ! I love kiss her !

cK says:

This is funny because it must be interesting having a website dedicated to you and have the world capable of seeing it every time they want too. I get that with facebook but it must be crazy lol, being a name everyone knows and loves just cause your gorgeous and they don’t even know you.. wow well all I can say is what i have seen in the acting that you do on screen is great your believable feels like your just talking normally and i get what your saying it is not so hollywood / over done.. i would be the same if i made it i could probably with my looks but the pressure would get to me , i admire that about you, you seem stable and healthy well I think your great and being bad is good i’m the same , girls like it , they seem too , just a little about me I’m 6.6 blond and in great shape, from Ottawa Can, and would love to meet you one day,, lol now your laughing cause that guy has to be a joke, lol, you can email me and if you do we can have a laugh like u said laughing is good.. : ) I’m 23 hun, no lies , hit me back

ur boy


Marbel says:

you and I will talk one day and I will tell you about this comment I left you. I hope I remember it..

watch πŸ™‚

dakota says:

hey love the pic super sexy and the shorty short are insane

channing spaulding says:

hey r u hot and i love u

andrew says:

you hot in what you are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ily megan says:

Ily u meagamnnn u r superrrrrrr superrrrrrr freakin pretty sexiii !!!!!!!!!

Avinash says:

Megan you look really hot and gorgeous

micheal cooper says:

love this woman she’s amazzing would love to have cuddles with her any day xxx

Tommy M. says:

Ok first off I would like to state that I named my PS3 Megan.And she is more gorgeous than a rose she’s like a…………..HELL I don’t know.She’s a GREAT friend.Me and Megan play Guitar Hero and Rock Band she is BEAST.I’m not so good but it’s funny to her when I play too fast.She says,”Practice or play guitar.”I’m only 11 by the way.She may be better at those games but I showed her how to play COD.She won once.I won 19 times!She thought that was hilarious.We played Twister,Monopoly, exc.That was 2 weeks ago.She gave me a kiss and i freaked.I said”Ummmm Uhhh Ummmmmmm…….I….love you…..I mean.” She thought that was funny to.So you see you just need her cell phone number.I got 8 signed posters!! plz comment on this. THX for coming Megan P.S. CAN’T TELL MEGAN’S # TILL SHE SAYS I CAN!!!!! COMMENT ON THIS!!!!I would say that night was a 9999999999999999999999999 out of 10 THANK YOU ALL AND GOOD NIGHT

From Megan’s friend’
Tommy Moore(11)

sabrina says:

Hi megan! if you read this message i want to tell you to never stop doing what you do now , person are always talking by jalousy and can make you crasy! you are so good actress and so beautiful ! don’t let those people make you sad because you have a big talent ! πŸ™‚

Arvin says:

hello megan.
my car’s name is megan.
you look good friend if have any time.
i’ll see you soon.
you look like a ROSE.
bye pretty…

RadosΕ‚aw says:

Hi Megan. You are beautiful.
Enclosing distinguishes , but I know that I could fall in love with you. I like you and I judge that it fall in love with from you face to face moment spent, on some romantic supper.I am from poland and we are in same age. You do not know as very even faith, that sometime I can see you live. I judge, that it great dream than winning to lotto, but I will believe. Certain movie can record in poland either scene? I am your fan, who appreciates you as woman, mother, beautiful model and actress. I would like have you as wife. You are amazing woman.
I salute cordially!
P.S.Do chance be answer on e-mail me ( ?

sidney says:

OMG! i agree with you megan. i can never date a guy thats not funny. every guy needs a sense of humor. πŸ˜€

odalys says:

megan look beautiful in all of photos….shes really pretty.

meghan hotness says:

you are the sexiest thing in the world i love you

meghan hotness says:

you are the sexiest person in the world i love you

Ac Brown says:

you look super sexy in this pic Megan as usual

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