Megan Fox CosmoGIRL Cover Shoot Pics

Megan Fox CosmoGIRL Cover Shoot Pics
cover megan fox cosmogirl

cover megan fox cosmogirl

June July issue hot 100

megan fox cosmogirl june july 2008

megan fox cosmogirl june july 2008

The Transformers actress and star of the film Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox answered 5 questions in her interview as covergirl for the June July issue of CosmoGirl.

What was the first crazy thing that you bought when you finally made some decent money?

I still don’t really spend my money in silly ways. I don’t go buy cars and stuff like that. I think the first thing I did was pay my rent for a year. But the very first thing I got that was crazy expensive and that I couldn’t believe I’d bought was a pair of Roberto Cavalli four-inch spike heels. They were black and ornate with gold on the back and carving on the heel. They were $600. All I knew up to that point was Skechers, and I think the most I had ever paid for a pair of shoes was $30. That was a really big deal for me, and I have to admit that since then I’ve gone crazy with the shoe thing. That’s where I spend my money, and it’s really bad.

megan fox cosmogirl june-july 2008

megan fox cosmogirl june-july 2008

Was High School a good experience for you?

Megan says she just hated school, period. She wasn’t interested in school and wasn’t getting anything from it. “I’ve never been a big believer in formal education and I always knew what I wanted to do, which was be an actress — the education I was getting seemed irrelevant. So, I was sort of checked out on that part of it. But I was not, ever for a second, popular — I mean, never. Everyone hated me, and I was a total outcast. My friends were always guys. I have a very aggressive personality, and girls didn’t like me for that. I’ve had only one great girlfriend my whole life.”

Besides playing video games, what are some of you other guilty pleasures?

I have a season pass to several of the VH1 shows, like Rock of Love and Flavor Flav’s show. It’s kind of embarrassing because it’s completely ignorant television — it’s all totally fake and garbage — but I still love it. And I’ll call my friend and say, “Did you see when Christy Jo was yelling at Daisy?” or “Could you believe when this happened?” Even though I’m embarrassed about it, I love it.

megan fox cosmogirl 2008

megan fox cosmogirl 2008

What was the biggest lesson you learned IN high school?

I think you accidentally learn things in high school that turn out to be life lessons when you are able to step back a bit and study them in more depth. Megan didn’t learn this right away, but it’s something she has seen since and is still learning from now. MeMiss Fox says that you can’t be anything other than yourself, and you can’t be untrue to yourself. You can’t just go with whatever clique you’re hanging out with, and you can’t be swayed by what your friends want to do. Because I think that overall, people don’t encourage the best from you. Instead, they encourage the things that are negative and the things that cause you to stray from what is best for you. To get caught up in something that you don’t feel totally right about or that doesn’t make sense to you is a really, really bad idea.

How did you get into your love of anime and graphic novels?

I started drawing when I was about 2, mostly pictures of my mother and my sister. When I got into school, instead of taking the notes that I should have been taking, I was drawing in all of my notebooks. It was an artwork thing for me at first. But when I was 12, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network started, and they had a lot of anime cartoons on, like Cowboy Bebop and InuYasha, and that’s when I first started seeing it in cartoon form and actually started researching it. I’d also been a fan of graphic novels, so it’s that kind of art as well as Japanime art that I’m in love with. For comics, my sister always collected X-Men, and that’s where it started. Then I discovered this comic book Gen13, and that just opened me up to a whole world of animation. I just really, really love it, and I spend a lot of time on the Internet researching it. In fact, it’s probably the only reason I even have a computer, so I can go on and see the latest drawings from Michael Turner, who is one of my favorite artists.

This information from the interview with Megan Fox in the June/July issue of CosmoGirl.



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