Megan Fox Angelina Jolie Fight over Barbarella Role

Megan Fox Angelina Jolie Fight over Barbarella Role
angelina jolie megan fox

angelina jolie megan fox

A remake of the original film Barbarella is planned. It will be penned by current James Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and produced by Dino and Martha De Laurentiis. It was recently announced that Sin City director Robert Rodriguez is slated to direct the remake for Universal Studios. The remake of Barbarella was originally planned in the 1990s with Roger Vadim as director, and actresses Sherilyn Fenn and Drew Barrymore were considered for the title role. As of May 2007, it was announced that actress Erica Durance of the WB’s Smallville was a front-runner for a 2008 remake. However, subsequent reports have identified British actress Sienna Miller as the favorite to take the role, along with Rodriguez’s Grindhouse star Rose McGowan. According to Elle magazine, McGowan has been cast in the title role.

According to the New York Observer, Universal Studios has backed out of funding the movie because of Rodriguez’s insistence to cast McGowan in the title role. Executives reportedly do not think that she can carry a movie with a budget close to $100 million. Once Universal learned of Rodriguez’s decision to cast McGowan they slashed the budget significantly. Rodriguez denies this, saying, “Universal had initially signed on for $60 million, but then when we were done with the script it wound up at closer to $82 million.” The filmmaker is currently shopping the project around to other studios in the hopes of getting more money. He has cited the fact that most of the movie takes place in outer space as the reason for the rise in budget, and that “we don’t want the movie to look like the original.”

Rodriguez backed out of the project, and in June 2009, Entertainment Weekly reported that Robert Luketic will be directing the remake with a different studio. These rumors also claim that there is an Angelina Jolie Barbarella battle brewing with Megan Fox. Will Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox play Barbarella in the movie remake.

The two actresses apparently both want the lead role in the remake of the 1968 film, which is described as an “erotic” science fiction classic. But who will land the lead role?

This rumored competition should be an interesting one, and should follow with many more future battles for lead roles, since the two are compared to each other so frequently.



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ahmed_iraq says:

sorry it misprint i mean its megan better from angelina to acting in Barbarella
coz its younger and good in acting i say it’s to will be future shining for her coz we must give chance to young actors for bringing out talents in inside them
and i don’t mean that insult
and i don’t mean that insult for angelina i have respect for her and its so good actor and she have more good film
and owner on prizes
in the end i hope not to happen any disagreement between megan and angelina because the two
with each other astonishing

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ahmed_iraq says:

i like megan its so cute and its good in the movies and ite beautiful but i don’t thing megan can take role good like angelina coz angelina have experience more than megan ALSO its precede to megan coz angelina have more film and experience more
and so i’m nominate angelina for heroism Barbarella
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lilikindsli says:

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Jilliana says:

Angie has more elegance, sophistication, poshness, style and being branded as very good & high-quality actress of all-time, no question about that. Megan Fox is Megan Fox, with cute butt, cute smile, cute face, all CUTE, with a cute personality. In my opinion, Barbarella director should give the role to Megan, who is young, young and very young compared to Angie, and should be given a big break, atleast. But, I hope the movie will not be a complete flop, like ‘Jennifer’s Body’. After all, the moviegoers wants to spend money watching somebody who is young and cute, and they don’t really care about the acting is bad or good, as long as they are watching somebody almost always showing her ‘butt of the century’ haha. Go Megan superfreak!

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megan says:

sorry angelina but megan fox is way hotter than u no afence but she is a better actor than u so megan should get the role

Nicole;-/ says:

I defintely think that Megan will get the role! She is more youthful than Angelina and has more movies out right now that a lot of people of all ages watch.

zuala says:

its like heaven n hell……megan you win

Wesley says:

Megan Megan Megan gone win

zach says:

This is a very easy decision, should someone pick the has been or should someone pick the one who is the best person to ever hit the motion picture seen? It seems to be a pretty cut and dried case. Megan all the way.

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That Guy says:

I understand that Angelina was the hotness for quite some time, but Megan is the NEW HOTTNESS! If a movie role were to be based solely upon looks, Megan would be the showin for the role, but you will also have to look at the experience that Angelina has. Angelina has had more experience with leading roles than Megan, and it shows when you watch Jenifers Body, because although completly georgeous, Megan can not handle leading roles yet. I do not with to take anything away from Megan, but I do think that experience will pay off and Angelina will get the role…plus Megan although dark in some ways, Angelina is far beyond that point therefore much better suited for Barbarella.

Ditka for President

PS this is what the alphabet would look like if you got rid of Q and R.


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