Megan Fox As An Angel In Passion Play

Megan Fox As An Angel In Passion Play
mickey rourke megan fox

mickey rourke megan fox

So we just looked at Jennifer’s Body where Megan Fox plays the part of a demon posessed high school cheerleader, now we get to see her as a caged up circus freak with wings sprouting out of her back. Is Megan Fox now an Angel?

Megan Fox in an interview recently revealed to MTV’s Josh Horowitz that she’ll star opposite Mickey Rourke as a caged circus freak with angel-like wings growing out of her back. Rourke will play her savior, in what the actress says “is clearly not going to be a typical love story.” Megan will play the role of a woman who has wings and is governed by a gangster. The movie will see Rourke’s character rescue the beauty.

“Passion Play” will be Mitch Glazer’s directorial debut, but Glazer has written a number of features in the past, including Richard Donner’s “Scrooged.”

“My character is basically a circus freak, she lives in a cage and she has wings. She’s not an angel, but she has these giant wings that grow out of her back. She’s a freak and she’s on display.”

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