Jennifer’s Body not as hot as expected

Jennifer’s Body not as hot as expected
jennifers body megan fox demon

jennifers body megan fox demon

You would expect the second screenplay from Diablo Cody after her Oscar-winning debut smash “Juno,” to be another award winning movie, But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have not personally seen the movie yet, but experts and critics are giving their opinion already and it seems that the movie is a little too quirky and not as sexy as advertised.

one thing that is unanymous is that the actresses and actors chosen for each role were spot on. Fox was a great choice, to play Jennifer, the queen bee who longs to flee the small town of Devil’s Kettle. Here, the “Transformers” star gets to show what she can do when given the chance to speak, and not just run around in a tight denim miniskirt. Seyfried, with her petite frame and big eyes, is a great choice to play an unlikely heroine who finds unexpected inner strength.

The movie, is just not as hot as it could have been. Even the much anticipated lesbian kiss comes out of nowhere without any real lead up to it, as if it were just crammed into the movie for effect.But for all you Megan Fox fans it looks like this movie should prove that Megan Fox really can act.

“Jennifer’s Body,” a 20th Century Fox release, is rated R for sexuality, bloody violence, language and brief drug use. Running time: 100 minutes.



Wang Li Ming (王黎明) says:

Dear Megan:I love you forever!!!

teresa says:

i love u megan.u’r so beautiful.

Joey Nash says:

Gross who would ever like you

lucas says:

I want to be a star like you!!!!!!!

lucas says:


pete says:

maybe kiki martin can help you win your first grammy

pete says:

wouldn’t post my remark , only ones that you can either be hottt or the victim …. more hollywood bull …next year a new hairbag will take her place

Joao says:

I would just like to see all the people that are saying “Megan Can’t act” to show me and other people, what so called “REAL ACTING IS”. You talk as if you have a clue as to what goes into acting.

Frado says:

Megan fox is soooo hooottt!!!!

Alfredo says:

I can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!

Buck says:

Well I like the Point it was getting across 😀

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

are so cool this movie

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Cristian Yepes del Pozo says:

i thing that this movie are very cool becouse you are in this movie im hope to be your friend is really i love you so match im play the guittar its really i play the six years im hope to travel a united states to see you

cerina says:

lol megan fox is amazing!!! 🙂
i love her.
aha its funny how guys ask for her number on here like she would go out of her way to give u her number u b wishing ha. she doesnt even go on the internet so try again lol. anyways she is so gorgeous gosh i love her. i bet the movie is good u guys are just tripping cant wait to see it

GG says:

Hey’s only some contructive critism and feedback,if you are a real fan you would be honest,that way megan fox would benefit some from the honesty.

Leasey says:

Jennifer’s Body was not that great and Megan Fox is not actress material. She’s overexposed and everyone is tired of listening to her. I hope her acting improves if not she will become a has-been like many actors and actresses.

megan says:

jennifers body is going to be awsome when i go see it she is so buiteful

sidney says:

Hey GG why are u on this website if u hate Megans acting. This is her fansite 😀 not her anti-megan site. so get off, if your not gonna say anything u like about her. 🙁

jake3098 says:

megan fox you are so hot I love you P.S. can you give me your phone number

jake says:

damn shes so hot =-D

Kiki Martin says:

Megan!!! like you BLEW MY MIND!!! I HAVE SUCH A WAY GREATER RSPECT FOR YOU. I THINK YOU SHOULD WIN A GRAMMY FOR THIS MOVIE “Jennifer’s Body” I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THE MOVIE!! I wish i could thank you in person. sadly i live in TN. but it was amazing!! now i cant stop watching vids of you on youtube or looking at pics people have of you! i give “Jennifer’s Body” 100 STARS AND TWO THUMBS UP!!

GG says:

i actully didn’t watch Jennifer’s body becuase megan fox was the lead.i think she’s a bad actress also.i knew if she was cast in this movie it would be a flop becuase there are so many people who don’t like her acting and also she doesn’t seem to be very likable with the public either.
unfortunatley she’s not on screen for her acting abilites and in the end this is where the movie companies will lose their money.If she improves in the next 5-10 years then i might watch the movies she’s in.I must say her acting is very amateurish.

sbas2 says:

i thought “Jennifer’s Body” was pretty good. three and one-half stars for sure. there weren’t any movies out there which really appealed to me, so i decided to take in “Jennifer’s Body”. i liked it.

Max Sheetz says:

Megan u r me crush at my skool everyone loves u but I love u more well I love u bye
Max Sheetz
I love u

trei says:

your so freaken hot


Megan Fox, this very beautiful and sexy in this film, seen by the trailers that do not scare me but if it makes me love her

sidney says:

megan fox is a good actress. she is the hotest single woman alive, so everybody expects a good part in a movie that has megan fox in it. 😀 thats probably why they put the lesbian kiss in jennifers body. i still think the movie is gonna be great! ;D

Campus Diva says:

Check out how ridiculous hot megan fox is and her absurd quotes!!!!

Paie says:

The real skinny on this movie.

Che says:

This is the only review that has says “Megan Fox can act”. 99% of the other review are saying that this movie proves she CANNOT act. This role wasn’t even a stretch for her, it’s basically her playing herself like in ‘how to win friends and influence people’…same character type.

You’ve clearly got rosie colored fan boy glasses on.

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