Jennifers Body graphic novel and red band trailer

Jennifers Body graphic novel and red band trailer
jennifers body novel

jennifers body novel

The first look at the upcoming graphic novel “Jennifer’s Body” will tie into the new Jennifer’s Body movie. The book Jennifer’s Body is scheduled for an August release date.

Megan Fox took on wise cracking, and leg humping robots in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and now Megan Fox is wielding a voracious appetite as a vampire and going head to head with Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body, 20th Century Fox’s horror movie which will be released on September 18th 2009. Screenwriter Diablo Cody (Juno) wrote this hellish tale about a high school cheerleader played by Megan Fox, screwed over by a visiting rock band, who becomes possessed by a demon and begins to feed off of the teen aged guys in her town.

jennifers body

jennifers body

Here is a look at the first red band trailer. ‘Tis right, your first ever peek at the film before a green band trailer strikes soon. Here, director Karyn Kusama, Cody and producer Jason Reitman can explain’

jennifers body poster

jennifers body poster

“Fox is putting a trailer of Jennifer’s Body in front of Bruno this Friday. Great, right? Only problem is it’s not our trailer. It’s kind of a straight horror preview and while we’re sure it’ll appeal to many of you, we wanted to make sure you guys got to see our cut… Lets call it the “filmmaker’s cut”. We think it captures the comedy and scares of the horror films we grew up on – a kind of nostalgia for when horror films were fun. Can’t wait to show you the whole film… In the meantime, here’s the red band trailer we wanted our fans to see.”



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