Is Michael Bay out and Megan Fox in for Transformers 5?

Is Michael Bay out and Megan Fox in for Transformers 5?

Will Transformers 5 return to its roots with Megan Fox now that Michael Bay is not directing.

The Transformers franchise is the unstoppable killing machine of movie series. Wait a minute – isn’t that the Terminator series? Ok, it’s the unstoppable killing robot car of movie series. Despite a Rotten Tomatoes score south of 20%, the fourth Transformers movie conquered the world market, turned it upside down and shook its pockets empty to a tune of over a billion dollars. That’s billion with a B. That means there will be a Transformers 5 and probably even a sixth movie about robot cars fighting each other.

Michael Bay told us after the third movie that he wouldn’t be returning to the series, but this time around there’s a feeling that he might be sticking to his guns. What’s that saying, fool us once shame on you…? He will be staying on as producer but as production is gearing up, he’s so far remained steadfast in his absence form the director’s chair.

So far, Mark Wahlberg has confirmed his return, as has the screenwriter Ehren Kruger. All else has been relatively quiet – but that hasn’t stopped the fans from pointing to some leads that they say add up to Megan Fox possibly returning to the franchise that gave birth to her.

First of all, the gossip surrounding Megan Fox’s departure had all fingers pointing at Michael Bay. Harsh words were spoken with Fox comparing Bay to Hitler, feeling were hurt – everyone said some things they probably wish they hadn’t, and maybe a Ferrari got washed while Bay filmed it, but it ended up with ties being severed. So, with Michael Bay out of the picture, in at least a directorial capacity, this makes Transformers 5 a very friendly Fox environment.

It’s not like Michael Bay doesn’t know that Megan Fox greatly improves box office figures. He produced that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thing she was in, and the success of that movie still has analysts working overtime to try and decode a reason that doesn’t just add up to Megan Fox. At any rate, it’s more likely than Shia Labeouf showing up again. Because he is, of course, not famous anymore.

There’s a bit of irony in Mark Wahlberg being so excited for Transformers 5, since he didn’t view the last one he was in as a sequel at all. True, there was a bit of a reboot vibe to it by focusing on some new (human) characters, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s still early days for Transformers 5, but tying the first film to this new lineage is certainly a way to get some interest in seeing the series continue.

After all, Peter Cullen, Mr. Optimius Prime himself recently said that “Transformers 5 and 6 will go back more to its [original] roots.” Six?! Ok, Cullen, calm down there, buddy. One robot car movie at a time, all right?



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