megan fox cute

megan fox cute

Megan Fox posing in a very cute picture

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Anthony says:

sexy girl work it

megan says:

i love you too megan

venki kunchapu says:

i have lot of feelings for u. but u may treat me as a common thinhg like evry one else. i can’t even express my emotions here. but i can say one thing truly and heartly I LOVE YOU

lyn says:

why are you so beautiful????

bobby says:

hello Megan Fox how are you?? my name is Bobby from Indonesia…
Visit Indonesia Megan…see you in Indonesia, Jakarta

jorin says:

I love you megan fox

jorin says:

hi megan fox. I love you megan

jorin says:

hi megan fox.My name is jorin.

chris says:

Ms.Fox you are by far the foxiest lady in the world girl.
Ever think of going into modleing?

Samuel & Max says:

“May i have your permission to speak?”: Bumble bee said so. We love you so…….so….much. “Well its an option”: Iron hide said so. Megan, from now
on…”We are in your debt”: Optimus Prime said.…no…no…:Sam Witwicky

magas says:

hi, you are cool in transformers???????????

joe bennett says:

megan fox i want you to have my kids

mandingo says:

==================D YEA WASSUP NOW MANDINGO!!!!!


Damn you are hot!!
you are so cute!!

i love you megan!!

Juan pablo says:

Hi megan, i’m from costa rica. Let me tell you that you are the beautiest girl at face of the world, and you know it, besides you’re such as good actress,! I hope to know some day, ja ja. It’s my dream

Viksii says:

Hi Megan!… I’m Viksii from Mauritius & I want to tell you That You’re really the most “EXQUISITE” girl I’ve found Or See…& I really Love you…You knw, I’m only 20& I’m a police officer…If ever you’ve time,please write me & I’ll be very Honour.My E-mail address:- MEGAN…. 😉

Megan Fox says:

I love you everybody !

Joey Nash says:

Megan, i think u r the most sexiest actress there is

mail me back

Robert Murrell says:

Megan Fox, I think u R the bomb and i can’t wait for ur movie Jennifer’s Body. i saw Transformers cause i saw u in the preveiws. U r my fave actress. Luv Ya Lots Megan Fox.

diegoo says:

megan i love you so much i love you i love you you are the best women ever i loveee youu

Eileen says:

She is the most beautiful woman at the moment, but that is all thanks to plastic surgery. She was so pretty before. Now she’s resembling my old barbie doll thats somewhere in my cupboard from when i was a kid. Such a pity.

adam says:

megan you not bringing sexy back cause its already here

adam and adrew says:

megan your not bringing sexy back cuse its already there

Edson André says:

Hi! Megan my name is Edson. I am from Recife it is in Brazil. My age is 30 I watched his last film and I loved your performance, you have a promising future ahead, besides being very beautiful. I know you would not answer this message, but I love you anyway … Excuse my English

megatron says:

you did so awsome in rotf .when will the next tf movie come out?

ya says:

Omg you are so hot i look to you like very day.

Modestas says:

Hi my name is Modestas. I am from Lithuania it is in Europe. My age is 22. I’m think you are very ciute and beautiful actres. I like you like a person, nothink personal. I like to be a fiends with you. I hope so you write me back. 😉

marzena says:

Hallo Megan! You are the most beautiful girl in the world! I like U soo much!!!!!!!!!!

devin cayton says:

megan fox if u read love u somuch u r so hot send me a message

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