A Day Without Megan Fox?

A Day Without Megan Fox?

cute pic of megan fox

cute pic of megan fox

If you are like me, you just assumed this meant that Megan Fox would be vegging out, playing some rock band, and avoiding the paparazzi. But it’s not true. Tuesday August 4th is supposed to be officially “A Day Without Megan Fox“. The writers over at Asylum, thought it would be a great idea to keep Megan Fox out of the news all day, but we are not going to stand for it. Megan Fox deserves to be seen and wrote about 365 days out of the year.

Betty White’s first gig on TV came in the summer of 1949, so why would we rather talk about, or even think about looking for news on Betty White, rather than Megan Fox? Not only is the Asylum website going along with this media blackout of Megan Fox, but so are many other large sites. Please comment on their websites about how Megan Fox deserves to be talked about today. Here are the links to their websites to share your opinion, and get Megan Fox back on their websites, even when they are trying to keep her off of them.

The “Asylum” had the idea that it would be great to write about a washed up actress, Betty White. Yes, Betty White was popular and a good actress, we’ve all seen the golden girls, but she has been on TV for over 60 years. Even in her prime, Betty White could not compete with Megan Fox in the looks category.

betty white

betty white

AskMen, Whip It Out Comedy, Banned in Hollywood, and a few more.

Don’t let these other websites get away with keeping Megan Fox out of the media. Show your support and make your opinion known.



ritta says:

i love’U MEGAN FOX (K)

fedemiche says:

hello I am from argentina,megan you are beautiful and I have a “tatuaje” in my body
good bye
A MY E-MAIL IS fede_elgrande94@hotmail.com

AIR BRUSHED. . . says:


Tommy M. says:

U people a being ignorite.She DOESN’T need to do all those photos 2 be SEXY.Im 11 and look at all her pics & shes SEXY in ANYTHING.& I found Megans cell #, called her, and no answer. I tried again and she answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I invited her to play rock band and guitar hero and she said she’d come and she did!!!!!It was gr8.

dumbies says:

u people are not seeing the point no reason in saying u love because no matter what u will go out with her. and if would ever meet her she would be stuck up like any other celeberties

waynsdich says:

megan Fox is god some has to start a new religion for her

Pete says:

wow you are so hot and sexy!

jose matos says:


Alex Ortiz says:

megan fox i love youuuuuuuuuuu

Meganshott says:

secret girl are u high? im 11 and i think that megan fox is the hottest girl in the world every guy including me LOVES those pictures ur just jealous cuz megan is way hotter than u screw secret girl!

Danger Hemp Dopeboy says:

megan fox is just too beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

atta says:

A&D i dont think that Megan´s pics and actions are degrading and embarrising her i trluy think that she´s doing the right thing too, this is gonna help her career on a short coming future

A&D says:

Dear, Meagan Fox, you have a perfect career, a great personality and an astounding body ;). People think your pics and actions are degrading and embarrising, but I think you know exactly what you are doing. And at this rate you will become one of the most known and loved people in the U.S and i love you.

Email me back because i would love to talk to you more often 🙂

Paula says:

”Even in her prime, Betty White could not compete with Megan Fox in the looks category.”

That’s true. Even though, I have never heard of Betty White, Megan Fox hasn’t any competitors in the looks category. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world!

Wat up says:

I love megan fox

TheFutureMrFox says:

Megan Fox…..umm wow I dont know if its possible for her to not look gorgeous……i mean gods probably shooting himself for sending her down from heaven……Megan I love you 😉

atta says:

i think this day its a stupid day because Megan has got what she´s got because of her great acheivement so far, mostly because of transfomers, but shes a good actress and good person even without transformers so i think this day is a joke, anyways i totally think Megan is the most beautiful woman in the whole planet…

Secretgirl135 says:

Megan is that really necessary?!?!?!!? I think alot of girls would have 2 agree with me!! ain’t that right girls??

Secretgirl135 says:

think of your fans next time you take those pics!!!

Secretgirl135 says:

Dear, Megan I think your pictures are the most repulsive ungreatful unprofessional pics ever….. And if you think that showing your body is cool i think you should take another check. Little Boys can look at you and will wonder what you are showing…. Megan I think those pics could ruin your career and your only fans are guys because you think that showing your body is just fine well what parents looked at those pics and saw what you did they might get the wrong impression and you know Megan I think you should take a check there are 10,11,12,13 year old boys in the world! and they would see them.

Sam : ) <3

Meganlova1172 says:

Hey guys shes my girl so back off!

Meganlova1172 says:


kelley says:

they want to keep her out of the media? damn now thats popularity if you ask me! Megan Fox is the SHIZNITTY! Hott in Hollywood! u go girl!!

legomaniac090 says:

hi meg i want to tell you that the first time i see u i fall in love with you and i think that you will never been with a guy like all of your website because you are a famous girl and u are intrestedin other guys but i have to tell u that i dream that some day you could find love with one of us I LOVE U 4 EVER !!!

john says:

megan i think u are so hot i would love to have ur cell number baby ur the love of my life

tonny says:

always ,alwas ,sexy ,beautifull and prety.

meg: i think that you are the most beautifull girl on the planet.

MEXICO (guadalajara) AC Y MF

dnice says:

I think ms fox is hot but I also think she has to think bout things b4 she speaks b4 she destroys her career I wish can get in contact with her

sidney says:

anonymes. u dont know who megan fox is? shes the hot girl transformers 1&2. and the girl in all of these pictures of course. :p

anonymous says:

Who is Megan Fox? I have never heard of her.

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