Can Megan Fox change her movie image and still be successful?

Can Megan Fox change her movie image and still be successful?
  • Fox has appeared in many men’s magazine covers
  • Married to Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green
  • Considered one of the more outspoken actresses in Hollywood

Megan Fox is an actress who drives Hollywood crazy because she knows her value. She is one of the few young actresses who the less she works the more popular she seems to become. Megan is known for her beauty but its her feisty personality which sets her apart as it is conveyed on film and has made her one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.


Currently, Megan is preparing to have her second child with husband, actor Brian Austin Green. However, the question that many Hollywood insiders are wondering about is what type of roles does Megan want to perform in the future? It is common knowledge that this attractive Hollywood actress intends to have control over her image and wants to move from the fixation about her physical appearance in future roles.
There is a conundrum that develops with her desire because she has become a star in large part based on her looks and her knowledge of how to use her appearance to convince males to act how she wants on screen.
There are many beautiful women in Hollywood but what sets Megan apart is that she has a mischievous, almost innocent look that she is able to communicate onto the big screen. It is this is innate talent and ability that has helped make the movies she acts in such as “This Is 40” so successful but her media interviews indicate that she wants to be viewed differently in the future and this is the challenge she presents to the film industry. Can she be successful making this transition?
After Megan Fox has her second child the question for many of her fans and entertainment observers will be what movie roles will she accept in the future? Will she be moving to more dramatic roles and if so how will she balance the use of her looks which has been a significant part of her becoming a Hollywood star with a move to more adult roles?
Megan Fox hinted in 2013 that she was taking more control of her image and if that occurs the challenge for Hollywood script writers in 2014 will be to create a role that can make the best use of her looks, outspoken personality and feistiness because she is an actress who has proven that her presence can make a movie a box office success.


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