Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Breakup

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Breakup

megan fox tattoo

megan fox tattoo

Rumors about the ultimate breakup of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green began in January, when Megan attended the Golden Globe awards without an escort. When Megan attended the Golden Globes alone, she said: “Brian doesn’t want to be here. He doesn’t want to be my date. He’s a man. He has an ego. I think he’s probably working on music. I don’t think he cares.”

megan fox brian austin green breakup

megan fox brian austin green breakup

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have finally reportedly split. The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen star and Brian Austin Green, are said to have made a mutual decision to separate after three years together. A source said: “The relationship had run its course. It’s completely amicable, and they are remaining friends. They are both focusing on their careers.”

megan fox naked

megan fox naked

The couple – who showed their love for each other by getting tattoos – met in 2004 before getting engaged in 2006.

Only a few months ago, Megan was still talking about marriage.

“It’s not going to be a big wedding,” she said. “I’m not one of those girls – if it happens, it will be very low-key and quick and unplanned.”

Even though they were smiling on Valentine’s day, they haven’t seen happy in quite a while. Besides showing up at the Golden Globe awards alone, we have also seen Brian using an umbrella to protect himself from the rain, leaving Megan to get wet.

megan fox brian austin green umbrella

megan fox brian austin green umbrella

But what’s to come of Megan Fox’s tattoo of Brian Austin Green’s name. They both have tattoos of each other’s nameson their body. Getting a tattoo of your beloved’s name is the ultimate relationship jinx. Just ask Angelina “Billy Bob” Jolie and Johnny “Winona Forever” Depp.

Questions are being raised about Shia Lebeouf being part of the reason for the breakup. The Transformers stars, who just wrapped up filming the sequel to their mega-hit, have expressed their admiration for one another in the past.

Megan Fox, had said in 2007 that “Shia is the best kisser ever,” and gushed about their on-screen romance. In the August 2007 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, LaBeouf, also 22, admitted that it is “really easy to fall for someone on set.” And in September, the stars walked the red carpet at LaBeouf’s film premiere Eagle Eye, raising eyebrows yet again as they smiled and embraced for photographers. Add that to the countless shirtless scenes in the Transformers sequel with LaBeouf and Fox, where they – as she puts it – “make out a little bit,” and Hollywood could have its next megastar couple.

megan fox grabbing brian austin green crotch

megan fox grabbing brian austin green crotch

All I know is that Megan Fox’s new boyfriend will be one lucky fellow, since she has stated in the past that she is bisexual and a nympho. Judging by this picture of Megan Fox getting freaky, it seems she is besides being so sexy, a very funloving and open girl.



DENZO says:

I would tear that up.

lion heart says:

i’m gonna shoot a flim………….
u r gonna be the princess n sharukh the prince
a romantic story………… but no nude shots!
mark my words!!!!

&ümm¡ß3ar±S±¡ckY=LoV3 says:

Wow she is so beautiful! Who doesn’t want her! I mean Brian is so so so ugly she can do way way better than that like somebody her age because there is a lot of guys and girls that do want her instead she picks the ugliest guy In the whole wide world! But who cares its her choice in who she picks to spend the rest of her life with! There are a lot a lot of options for her she just doesn’t know it! Well its her life and our opinion ahhahahahah. And wow she has a beautiful body she is perfect! Love her eyes. . . Are they natural because sometimes they are blue and fray and green.

Josh Peterson says:

ADD SOME PICTURES WHERE WE CAN SEE YOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Peterson says:

Hi Megan, can you email me some full size pictures of you compleetly naked? Pleeeeeaaaaase!!!!!! I really want you!! I really really really really really really love you. I drool when I look at your pictures!

tyler says:

me and oden want to love you

sidney says:

i think they shouldnt get back together. hey… megan should date flex from daisy of love. they are perfect for eachother.. flex is HOT and megan is hot… flex is 22 and megan is 23.. so they’re perfect for eachother! 😀 😉

sidney says:

wow… they finally broke up.. but wait. they are already hooked up again. but even if she is back with him…. u still gotta admit. shes still hot!:)

conall says:

you were awesome in transformers 2! best of luck! conall …..

pinoy says:

one more thing,,green looks like your dad megan..try sum1 a lil bit youngr..

pinoy says:

i was really shocked about the crotch grabbing shot..didn’t think of her that way..i mean in public to do sumthin like that is really…somethin else..still luv her but don’t think she is the kind of gilr that’s taken serously.

Derek J says:

Hey megan? when you get this message my yahoo email. ASAP. i have to talk to you


brain is a moron!!

LY megan!!!


tony ~^_^ says:

cause of me i gone to vegas

tony ~^_^ says:

i could im 27 years old.. i already broke up with my GF last month

NiKA says:


NiKA says:

Get out of here “DOCTOR DAME”

stephenfboyle says:

looked great at mtv movie awards

Sam Sung Park says:

I live in korea
I’m a 25 years old colleage student.
But, I’m a bit sad that I am not good at English.
Because I want to write you a cool letter, but I can’t
I like you very much.. I love you!!
And there are lots of people who like you in Korea.
forever im your fan.
And you know that? You’re sooooooooo sexy.
My name’s sam sung park.
Im a alwasy pray for you to be healty and happy.
I’m very lucky to know you.
I love you so much..
I’m always on your side where you are, and I cheer you!.

Randy says:

You are too hot for him any way

*MeGaN FoX * says:

i adore u megan!! ur a babe!! how i wish u were here with me now … all those guys dont deserve u and they dont understand how beautiful u r !!! ur gorgeous hot sexy amazing !!!! shia labeouf is sooooo lucky to be acting in a movie with u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! megaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

dhanslo says:

im glad megan and brian are breaking up..he is such a jerk!!!

the Q says:

she is effortlessly gorgeous.

Incredible Hollywood glam presence. She should be a lead Bond girl!

Amisha says:

Megan Fox is the most gorgeous woman on earth!!!!!!!!!!

AlPelaez says:

Hi Megan Fox Ill love you forever.

What says:

You know how many girls “claim” to be nymphos… But when the time comes again. They can’t handle it. She is no different.

muneera says:

anew picture Megan fox

beqa says:

f.u.c.k america and megan fox

beqa says:

i said i to f.u.c.k. you and i will f.u.c.k.i.n.g you all day long

beqa says:

i said i want to f.u.c.k. you and i will f.u.c.k.i.n.g you all day long

hey megan try too get back to me happy easter

beqa says:

i want to love you very much come tu me and i will love you

Trey says:

Good choice. he doesn’t deserve a girl like you. a girl like you deserves someone way better. he didn’t show his love for you just like that picture of when he didn’t share the umbrella with you. well good luck with your next man, he will be the luckiest guy ever and i hope that your choice will be the right one i’ll talk to you later

Doctor Dame says:

Good for her to break up with Brian ‘Old’ Green.I mean, he is billion years older than her.He looks like my grandpa.

Orlando Molina martinez says:

Magie beautiful tatto, i like your eyes and your face.

Deepak says:

I love You so much……

meganfox says:

Welcome to China!

Emily says:

<3Megan Fox<3're 2 cool. I love u 2 much're the Best. I like a lot your pictures and your tattoos.I like when you played in Transformers too ...i think that you are a very good actress. I am beginning to being your fan #1 i only got pictures of u, i am only listening your ,
seriously. :) .I want to say to you ...good luck and ...i hope that you like what you're doing because is the only things that counts. So bye bye -xx- take care XD.

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