Megan Fox Didn’t Want Hubby Brian Austin Green To Work With Charlie Sheen!

Megan Fox Didn’t Want Hubby Brian Austin Green To Work With Charlie Sheen!

He might be living the Sheen Dream but to Megan Fox, a life with Charlie Sheen in it is a nightmare!

That’s why she was totally against her husband Brian Austin Green accepting a role on Charlie’s series Anger Management!

An insider close to Meg and BAG claims that when he was offered a full-time job on the show, she wanted him to say no because of Charlie’s penchant for bad work behavior!

The source claims:

“She has always kept her distance from Charlie Sheen. That is not somebody she wants or needs to associate with.”

But try as she might to keep her family Sheen-free, this was a gig that they reportedly just couldn’t pass up! The insider explained:

“The Anger Management money was something that they could not turn down and was guaranteed work for Brian every week for the rest of the year. But Megan is glad that association with Sheen is done now and the job is over for now because it was really hard on the new family. He was working 18 hour days on the show, and that’s been really depressing for everybody. It basically made her into a single mother, but again, they needed the money.”

On the show, Brian played Charlie’s ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Sean. But for now, his run on the FXX series appears to be done, especially if his Fox-y wife has any say in it!

We’re sure they have no shortage on money now either since Megan is set to star in the reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick!

And with another little one on the way for the Green-Foxes, Meg is going to need a lot of help around the house!

Sorry, Charlie! Looks like bringing BAG back on your show might be out of the question!



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