5 Facts About Megan Fox’s Older Sister Kristi Branim-Fox

5 Facts About Megan Fox’s Older Sister Kristi Branim-Fox

So Megan Fox, male fantasy incarnate, has an older sister. Back when we thought her name was Kristi Fox, we agreed that that was the ultimate stripper name. However, it would seem that the actress’ older sis goes by something more sensible-sounding: Kristi Branim (with or without the “Fox”; more on that below).

This is the best current photo we could find, from her Facebook; the original story that ran actually features Megan’s facialist Mindi Walters, who gets confused for Kristi a lot.

So, what do we know about this mysterious woman who’s only just started popping up in photos?

1. Kristi is 34, about a decade older than her famous sister.

2. She lives and works in the sisters’ hometown of Port Lucie, Florida. There’s a girl on Yahoo! Answers who claims that Kristi was the guidance counselor at St. Lucie West K-8 for some time and married the school’s coach. According to her Facebook, she currently works at Fort Pierce Central High School.

3. There’s been some confusion over her name; a couple of sites say that she’s known by the name Vivian Fox. Kristi must have an inkling that Megan’s fans are starting to learn who she is, because this past April she posted on her Facebook Wall, My full name is Kristi Michelle Branim-Fox, but I go by the name Kristi Fox.

4. Her experience as famous-by-association began in 2001 when Megan was 15, having just wrapped the Olsen twins direct-to-video feature Holiday in the Sun. The Palm Beach Post ran a profile on Megan, which included this photo of the then-blonde, mom Denise Tonachio, and Kristi (left) buying shoes at the local mall.

5. One of Kristi’s newest Facebook friends is The Hills star Lauren “Lo” Bosworth! What a world we live in.



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